Tayrona National Park: Nature + luxury + archaeology

If you want to explore one of the loveliest shores of South America, a visit to the Tayrona National Park is a must! Nestled at a distance of just 34 km from the famous Santa Marta in Magdalena, this is the sanctuary of archaeological relics as well as natural charms, which call for an adventurous excursion. Corals, mangrove swamps, thorny scrubland, algae prairies, cloud forests, and magical flora as well as fauna together make up for a soaking experience. Besides natural gems, there are also the archaeological remains left behind by the Tayrona indigenous people in Pueblito Chairama and more locations.

Explore the spectacular beaches, relax on a rented hammock at night, and carefully surf in this small unique world! And yes, like other destinations, you can go for a guided tour that includes a trip to a local hamlet in the nearby mountains. The Tayrona National Park witnesses two rainy seasons – May to June and September to November.


The park is the eco-tourism site because of its diverse surf and diving opportunities. It goes without saying that the observing flora as well as fauna is just interesting, particularly birdwatching including the endangered Andean condor.

Next, a visit to the Chairama archaeological site that is called Pueblito accessible by the stone paths is a must here. From El Cabo, you can reach here by an uphill walk of 3 to 5 hours. This site resembles much to Ciudad Perdida, the only exception being smaller in size. From Cabo, you can also try out many other hiking routes.

At El Cabo, snorkeling is the best activity, but only when there is good visibility. I recommend carrying your own gear and having fun in spotting the variety of marine life near the rocks as well as on the reef (a bit far). Surrounding El Cabo, several striking beaches will captivate you. All of them are easily accessible by walking. From Arrecifes, do enjoy the 15-minute walk that will take you to the La Piscina lagoon dotted in front by the reef offering safe swimming, as against the Arrecifes beach.

Other attractions include diving in La Cueva de Neguanje or Isla Aguja, horseback riding, Chairama Archaeological Museum in Cañaveral, Los Naranjos Trail, Castilletes Beach, Playa Cristal, also known as Playa del Muerto, Quebrada Valencia (stream in west), Riverbed of the Piedras River, Cabo de San Juan de Guía as the cape where the sea is packed with rainforest as well as stone monoliths borders.

The Tayrona National Park is where you can also spot howling monkeys, bats, pumas, deer, condors, dolphins, turtles, and white eagles. There are many sponges, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, and marine species.


One of the famous stay options is at Canaveral known for Ecohabs that are full of luxury. You can opt for small or big huts whose prices start from C$440,000. You can reach here by car only and there is also an option of camping here. From here, a 45-minute stroll will take you to Arrecifes featuring sleeping options as well as restaurants. At Aviatur, camping price is C$11,000 with kids having free entry.

Most of the tourists prefer staying at El Cabo at 30-minute walk. Hammocks can be rented here within the range of C$20.000 – C$22000. Camping is also possible. And yes, eat here at its only restaurant offering tasty and safe food for some more pennies. Electricity is present for some hours, while bathrooms are okay. For budget travelers, Las Pleyades has options outside the Tayrona National Park, which are at accessible in 10 minutes from Cañaveral or Pueblito.


This is expensive here, average cost ranging from $10 to $25. However, you can try eating at Arrecifes where a restaurant sells tasty squeezed juices. Do try a mix taste of lulo – yellow fruit of Carribbean and banana. From the entrance to Arreifes, as you hike, a campsite will appear where great bread with chocolate is worth a taste for 2,000 COP. You can buy food from the local restaurants at El Cabo, Arrecife, and La Piscina.


Foreigners: $21.000 pesos

Children: $3.600 pesos

Reaching to the park

From Santa Marta, pass via the Troncal del Caribe towards Riohacha. And yes, you have many entrances such as Calabazo, Neguanje, and Canaveral.

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