Talampaya National Park

Come to the land of lovely travel delights and great tour adventures,South America and experience the beauty of Nature.

Situated in the sierra locales of the central western region of the province of Rioja this spans over around 430,000 acres and has the most fascinating sights to see. The archaeological value of this place is simply unbelievable ad the beautiful landscape is what makes the entire experience a memorable one. One totally understands how the landscape here makes a major tourist attraction, and this zone which is more than 220 million years old is thus a great travel spot. The erosion process that took place here formed ravines that were surrounded by thick walls like the River Talampaya. There was a lot of erosion of wind and this created a lot of columns that were used as condor nests. There are pictograms, petrogylphs belonging to the prehispanic natives. There was lot of human settlement here till the 120 and 1189AD, and the caves and other sheltered areas were used as tombs and storage spaces. The archaeological value of this lace is great and the Loz Pizarrones and Talampaya Gate are great public locales in this part of the world.

Talampaya National Park Argentina

One can see the place absolutely devoid of any kind of vegetation. There were badlands with few important plants like pig weed, purslane etc. There were many sandstone formations and there were also beautiful rocks shaped in various forms.

The vegetation is made up of shrubs and bushes and there are lots of interesting animals found here. So the gray fox and the calantodria mora and the black legged Seriema bird are found in these areas.

The Talampaya Provincial Park was found with the main purpose to conserve the archaeological value of this place. There were lot of opportunities to promote Talampary and there have been steps taken to include it amongst the National Parks of Argentina.

Talampaya Provincial Park

The Rioja province is situated in the region of General Lavalle region and is around 125 miles from the Riojana capital. The place is best visited all through the year. It has the lost city as its main attractions. One can access the park from the Route No. 26 and it lies between Los Baldecitos and Villa Union. This is the last region in the La Rioja province and San Juan.

This is one of the most popular parks in Argentina and was given the status of a national park in the year 1997. In the year 2000 the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

The rock formations here and the lovely gorge created here by the River Talampaya make it a great land to be in. the name Talampaya comes from the Quecha word which means the Dry riverbed of tala. The fossils of dinosaurs, the rats, condors, foxes guanaco, armadillos and the bats, falcons and May lizard species are the main attractions here.

River Talampaya

The region has some of the most wonderful sights of the best locales in this part of the world. The verdant expanse contributes to the beauty of the place. There is a specific kind of methodical landscaping here which makes the entire region filled with maximum travel delights. This is one region which has the greatest kinds of travel delights and has the most mesmerizing tour memories. There is something mystical about the Talampaya National Park and a visitor coming here would never go back disappointed. The park with its lovely wildlife and beautiful flora makes up more for the fact that this is in a secluded part of Argentina. So while you are in South America, a visit to theĀ Talampaya National Park becomes necessary.

So this UNESCO World Heritage Site with all its background of Triassic and Permian times is a popular place to visit in this part of South America and a very memorable locale to be in.

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