Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Rocks

Eiffel tower in Paris, Statue of Liberty in New York, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and London’s Tower Bridge are few famous and iconic bridges and towers of their country. Same as the other structures in different countries, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is loved by its fellow citizens and most visited site of tourists. Just like other iconic structures, the Sydney Bridge has an impressive history. It’s a man-made bridge whose construction work started after 1924 and took eight years to complete. The bridge was inaugurated in 1932. It got its nickname as ‘Coathanger’ because of its arch-based design.

Sydney Harbor bridge Australia

Being the Australia’s most loved and photographed landmark, it’s also the world’s widest steel arch bridge which is one hundred and thirty-four meters above the harbor. Being officially opened in 1932, the bridge celebrated its seventy-eighth birthday in 2009.

In 1915, Francis Greenway proposed to build a bridge across the harbor shores. But the work of designing on paper was delayed till 1900. However after World War One, the work again started and rough design was made by Dr J.J.C Bradfield and other officers of NSW department of Public Works. Later the New South Wales Government invited many international contract tenders but it was given to English company known as Dorman Long and Co of Middlesbrough. Finally, in the year 1924 the work started with one thousand four hundred men and at cost of four point two millions pounds.

Now the bridge has eight traffic lanes, two rail lines, and a pedestrian lane. The bridge gives stunning three sixty-degree views such as Sydney, including east to the Sydney Opera House, west to the Blue Mountains and the Harbor city surrounds from the Plymouth Lookout. The night view of the bridge is magnificent. During festivals, the bridge is the center of attraction where beautiful fireworks take place and the whole bridge comes alive! And if you want some adventure try bridge climbing, it’s just thrilling and fantastic! In 1998, Bridge Climb got started where more and more tourists got. These tourists are thrill-seekers and want something to remember forever about Sydney. The walk against force of wind to the top of the fifty storeys high is a heart-pumping experience! The whole experience will leave you mesmerizing! The climbing tour is organized tour by group of climbers. You can go for night climb too on the bridge.

Sydney Harbor Bridge at night

At the foot of the bridge is situated a small historical town known as Rocks. It is recognized as birthplace of Sydney. In 1788 the colony of Rocks was formed. It got its name as Rocks because of most of the buildings are made up of local sandstones. Initially it was a slum area mostly visited by sailors and prostitutes. Later in 1800, it was dominated by a gang till 1870’s. Now you will find there many cafes, restaurants and hotels and old pubs. Among the area, most significant historic structures are the Hero of Waterloo Inn, the Sydney Observatory, Cadman’s Cottage, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Merchants’ House, Garrison Church and Susannah Place.

museum of contemporary art sydney

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  1. Zorrow says:

    A very good introduction of the article of telling about the iconic constuctions in every part of the world.

  2. Yuan says:

    The Harbor bridge is simply stunning! I just loved it specially in the night.

  3. Xabi says:

    On new year’s eve the best fireworks in the world is The harbor Bridge! It cannot be compared with anything.

  4. Warner says:

    I used to live in Gold Coast and due to my work I got shifted to Sydney. When i arrived in my office for the 1st time, my office was straight in front of the harbor bridge! the view from my office was just exceptionally good!

  5. Victor says:

    Sydney is the place full of life! everything is lively out here. whether it is harbo bridge or oprah house or scg or local markets.

  6. Adam says:

    I have visited harbor bridge many times and everytimeI got there I always find something different only. I just love to visit this city.

  7. Brett says:

    Yeah, rocks is just like your local market where you will find everything.

  8. Carynne says:

    The fireworks during festivals are amazing! I specially go to sydney for fireworks!

  9. Damien says:

    I’ve never ever seen same theme of fireworks till date! Everytime people come up with some classy themes.

  10. Edge says:

    When you are on the top of the bridge walking you just feel you have reached in heaven! its totally windy and just imagine what you can feel when you are almost 60 storeys above!

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