Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Travel Guide

Some of the best wildlife pleasures in tour delights lie in this land of pleasure, India. Come here and head towards the state of Haryana and visit the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary here and bask in these wildlife experiences.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Founded by Dr. Salim Ali, this is situated in the Jaipur Delhi highway and is around 46kms from the capital of India, Delhi. Situated amidst the surroundings of the most fascinating amalgamation of migratory and domestic birds, this is an artificial land that has turned into a green paradise. With the water body here one can see a lot of species in this land of beautiful avifauna which has a lot of migratory birds here. Winter sees a lot of birds coming here from Siberia. So get to see the best flock of geese from the continent of Europe and enjoy the lovely sight of these birds which is a total visual delight for all the tourists coming here. Get to see the kingfishers and the teals and also the sandpipers and lapwings which are the mainstay in this land. With the gadwall and the geese dominating the entire place, this is a beautiful haven for all wildlife enthusiasts. More than 100 species are found here and it is the ultimate heaven for any wildlife lover.

It was Dr. Salim Ali the birdman who had seen a lot of birds coming here and used to love to see their antics. So he decided to make hideouts which are the greatest ways one can attract birds here. So come here and see the museums and the towers and experience the sights of being in an absolute paradise. With the best guestrooms and the most convenient catering facilities this is surely a great paradise for all the lovely patrons of wildlife and natural pleasures.

The climate here is tropical and the summers are hot with chilly winters. Monsoon is sometimes in the months of July to September. The best time to visit this lovely locale is in winter and the tourists coming here get to see the best of wildlife here.

Situated in the state of Haryana, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a must see for any nature enthusiast. The flora has the dry deciduous variety and has the khair, dhok, ber, tendu, acacia, jamun and the banyan tree.

The Sultanpur Lake

The Sultanpur Lake is another place which is a great picnic spot for all those who want a quick and easy getaway. So come here and see the ruddy shelducks, the Siberian Crane, bar headed geese and the pochards, the mallards, grey lags, gadwalls, flamingoes, white ibises, cormorants, ibises, spoonbills, and also the painted storks. The wildlife in the park has animals lie the nilgai, blackbuck, sambar, dhole, wild dog, hedgehog, striped hyena, mongoose, the Indian porcupine, leopard, the honey badger and also he four horned antelope alongwith the wild pig and leopard.

When people come to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary they also see the places in and around Delhi, and so you could also see the Jantar Mantar, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Chandni Chowk, and Rajghat, India Gate, art galleries, theaters, India Gate and many other such famous sightseeing spots.

Jantar Mantar

The Haryana Tourism Development Corporation has a tourist lodge that has all the facilities for a comfortable stay and provides the best comforts for the guests who come back to this land. One stays here and enjoys the beautiful pleasures of being in a wildlife zone filled with the most enchanting travel ecstasies. The best way one can enjoy the travels here is to have a good camera here and capture all the moments to cherish forever.

With great visual treats and ideal travel sights, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a sure favourite amongst all the nature lovers and provides greatest travel delights. The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a great destination to be in, and is a perfect tour delight for a wildlife lover. This is a perfect retreat for all those wish to feel closer to nature.

Come to Sultanpur and enjoy the experience of seeing the best wildlife sights.

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