Discover the magic of St. Petersburg

One of the oldest and most beautiful cities, St. Petersburg tops the charts of enthusiast travellers when it comes to choosing the best tourist destination. This place holds all the ingredients to make your travel experience an unforgettable one. Boasting of beholding lavish architecture, wild nightlife, rich cultural traditions, wide avenues, romantic waterways, magnanimous cathedrals, this place is worth visiting.

St. Petersburg Russia

Situated across a series of flat islands on River Neva and also bordered by the Fontanka River, what you will get to see here are not the skyscrapers or modern buildings but some of the oldest yet spectacular architectural buildings. Kick start your tour with the Hermitage. It is the glorious baroque winter Palace of Empress Elizabeth proudly houses Russia’s finest collection of art and antiquities. Housing more than 3 million artworks, the artists whose work are on display in the galleries include the world famous Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael. The interior of the museum is beautifully laden with marble, ceilings studded with crystal chandeliers and intricate mosaic flooring makes this place just look out of the world.

St. Isaac Cathedral is truly a magnificent masterpiece of engineering. The interiors are made of malachite stone. The large stained glass Resurrected Christ is simply awesome. But the panoramic view of the city awaiting you at the dome will surely take your breath away. Though this has now been made a museum but still church services are held here on special occasions. Made Peter and Paul fortress to defend the area from Swedes, Peter the great himself didn’t know that it would become a prison where one day his own son, Alexei will be tried.  Now a museum, the highlight of the fort is the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul which are visible from the entire St. Petersburg. The interiors are amazing.

St. Isaac Cathedral

Many of you may know a lot about the city’s founder St. Peter, but many of us didn’t know that he lived in a humble wooden cabin from where he supervised the construction of his city. Still it remains there though now preserved in a protective brick enclosure and also holds some of the belongings of St. Peter like his boat, his compass and his icon of the redeemer.

Khram Spas-na-Krovi or the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood was build where Alexander II was assassinated. Again you will mesmerized by the grandeur interiors. The state Russian Museum houses the finest collection of paintings of Russian icons, old masters and modern legends. May be chill run downs your spine when you would know of the atrocities of the Nazi blockade on the St. Petersburg citizens. The mass graves of 500,000 citizens in the Piskarivskoye Memorial Cemetery stand testimony to that brutality.

Piskarivskoye Memorial Cemetery

The Neva River will continue to captivate your attention during your entire stay. While in winters it acts as ice skating ring for the people, in summers you can enjoy the popular boat trips. St. Petersburg Zoo or the Leningrad Zoo will be a favourite hot spot for the children as well as the nature enthusiasts. Built over just 17 acres of land, you can see more than 2000 different animals covering hundreds of species.

St. Petersburg Zoo

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  1. Walter Louis says:

    St. Petersburg is a beautiful place! We visited this place sometime back and found that only people below 25 years of age speak English..All signboards and spoken language are Russian.We were staying at Northern lights which is some distance away from the St Isaac’s Cathedral. We had an unforgettable experience at St.Petersburg!
    There is this private gallery called K-gallery which has rare and amazing masterpieces, this art gallery offers a unique oppurtunity to those who wish to collect these masterpieces, for everyone who is interested in art and in Russian traditions,visiting the art gallery while in Russia is a must!

  2. Prue says:

    We were visiting a friend at St. Petersburg..
    We really enjoyed our stay here..We saw a ballet at the very famous Marinsky theater and were blown by the culture of the Russians!
    The Winter palace and the Hermitage museum were just amazing!
    Taking precautions are important in any place you go about your belongings..But, we really felt safe, people were really friendly and we enjoyed the sightseeing and places!
    It was a FANTASTIC trip!

  3. Norah Jefferson says:

    We were at Northern lights in St. Petersburg.. Just next to it was the Isaac’s cathedral. All tourist sight are quite nearby from the Isaac’s Cathedral..
    Russia is pricey, but we had dinner with drinks for $50 at Teplo! This restaurant is hidden in an alley..
    We had Stroganoff, pasta and roasted vegetables..The food was fresh, delicious and filling..
    The usual crowd here is of hipsters and underground couples..I really enjoyed having my dinner..Also it is located near the Isaac’s Cathedral, which is a must visit..St. Petersburg is a FABULOUS place! I really enjoyed my entire stay here as the people are warm and friendly! A great place! :-)

  4. Elva Rebello says:

    St. Petersburg has got one of the most famous museums in the world which is housed in the Winter Palace. It has almost three million exhibits of some of the greatest art works in the modern world.!
    Another place worth a visit is the “Church of our Savior on spilled blood”, it is an amazing draped in gold dome and shaped like an onion..The mosaics in the interior are awesome!
    Also the Isaac’s Cathedral is the third largest dome cathedral..One has to climb 300 steps and get a BEAUTIFUL view of the entire city!

  5. Jacob Curran says:

    The Pavlovsk Palace and park are really amazing..According to history , they were once the hunting grounds of czars…The park stretches upto 1500 acres bearing delightful footbridges, trails, ponds and gardens, aviary and the MAGNIFICENT palace that belonged to Paul I!
    There is an excellent restaurant in the Palace which serves pure Russian food..Carriages drawn by horses were available moving around the park!
    Pavlovsk was the real home of the royal couple Paul I, the czarina and their 10 children, it was was built by Catherin The Great for Paul I..!
    The czar’s children spent there youth roaming in the 1500 acre estate..The decor and feel of the palace show you how much love and affection was present in this home!
    It was indeed the most amazing experience ever strolling through the palace and grounds! We had the best time of our lives here!

  6. Linda D'Souza says:

    We were going to watch a ballet at Marinskii theater on our first trip to St. Petersburg..After the wonderful ballet,a brilliant performance by Mazeppa, we decided to try the Sadko restaurant at 10:30 pm and found the food FANTASTIC! We were almost alone when we went there!The food was tasty and not at all expensive!
    We had beef fillet with tomato sauce and duck leg! It is my favorite restaurant in the world now! The Russian wine, which is rarely seen in the restaurants here , was also quite good!I miss St. Petersburg a lot!

  7. Alexia Hopper says:

    I’ve never seen a better ballet of my life than I saw here at Mariinsky theater at St.Petersburg..It was an amazing ballet from the start to the finish! As I’m 6 feet 7 inches tall(almost 2 meters), I found the seating really comfortable, which was an infrequent event for me..
    I loved the Kirov ballet personally. The lights, setting and music are just awesome. Not only are the performers superior ballet dancers, but they have that grace of olympic performers..You would come nearest to see a man flying on his own here on Mariinsky theater!

  8. Jason Mcguire says:

    Thanks for the amazing post on St. Petersburg! This is my favorite holiday destination, with the beautiful palaces, charming footbridges and parks and delicious and inexpensive Russian food which is also very filling and will always leave a smile on your face! :-)

  9. Kylie Smithson says:

    The Hermitage at St. Petersburg was the most delightful experience I’ve had here..I came to St Petersburg twice just to see the FABULOUS building and the mind-boggling exhibits! Nothing can outdo the Hermitage! Another noteworthy destination to go to is the Russian museum. Also The Church of Spilled Blood, PeterHoff Palace and Catherine Palace are a must visit!
    Enjoy at St. Petersburg!

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