St. Lucia – The Perfect Caribbean Getaway

If Caribbean transmits thoughts of just about beach, sea and surf activities then probably it’s high time you need a check. The island of St Lucia ascends from the Caribbean water beds as a jewel of jade on account of its lush green forests and wilderness that makes the island irresistibly attractive. Much looked as an ideal honeymoon spot; the destination certainly transcends the beauty of nature for an absolutely rejuvenating vacation experience.

St. Lucia Caribbean island

Staying true to the Caribbean experience, the beach activities are certainly the main indulgence, but if that’s where one’s vacation experience wraps, then they’ve surely missed on a whole lot of fun. The rainforests of St. Lucia can be compared as a canopy of emerald over these most spectacular archipelagos of Caribbean. So, as the sandy affairs make way for some truly fantastic time to go about hiking in the woods, great views and panoramas can be spectacled from the cliffs. The sloping hills and lava mountains reach up to great heights, from where hikers and enthusiasts alike enjoy the great sights and scenery. The huge boulders rising from the crashing waves to great heights covered with green moss converging right against the bluish skies adds to the beauty of St. Lucia.

St. Lucia is abuzz with exotic sights, sounds and smells that makes for a memorable holiday. Do visit the north stretch of the island, where the Pigeon Island National Park makes for a great attraction. To witness a town-like feel, flock away to Castries where fast moving life keeps pace with the laid-back vibe of the island.

Pigeon Island National Park

The bustling sounds of vehicles, the smell of freshly baked breads and the rhythms of reggae filling in the air is the true-blue feel of St. Lucia’s town of Castries. The Market place forms the heart of the town where the culinary smells find the narrowest channels to fume and fill the snarling streets with a peculiar aroma amidst a frenzy of sights of crowds and distinct smells. The packed streets with a fast life style sans any peculiar arty vibe yet it is however their hospitality which strikes an instant chord with the visitor.

The warm and friendly faces and a sultry climate and a living-for-the-moment spirit is a real retreat from the daily happenings of normal life to a place which enjoys every moment.

And how can there be no mention of the many aqua activities that make for one of the most looked forward indulgences. The scuba diving activity here leaves many a visitors happy and surprised at the sheer beauty of the marine world. The pulse of West India mixes with the Caribbean blues for a one of its kind experience. A definite yes on any traveler’s agenda, a trip to St. Lucia will last a long way on the memorabilia.

St. Lucia scuba diving

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