Songster Robin Compelled To Opt For Night Shift

Did you recently hear the chirps of robin? Let it be… do you remember the last time you conceived to robin’s voice? No… but are you familiar to the fact that the sweet chirping birds that customarily sang during the daytime, have opted to night shifts. This has not took place because of there whims and fancies, but this is the action that has been forced on them. Today even nature’s messengers are dominated by human actions. They have influenced robin to adopt a different lifestyle. The prime culprit to blame behind all this is human beings. The constant disturbing clash and clatter in the cities have been the major reason to disturb their routine and mutate them to a night owl.

robinAlso, scientists from University of Sheffield have reported the shocking news that robins have recently started to sing at night. This is because the urban hustle and bustle gags their voice and they can’t be heard during the day. It is said that there is a co-relation between a region’s daytime noise levels and number of birds singing at night. Not only this, pollution has also added to their problems. With the increasing pollution, they are averted from roosting, which leads them to remain discreet all the night time. In the areas where noise pollution rate is higher, there birds are bound to sing at night. These results were published in the research journal of Royal Society Journal Biology Letters.

This is the time to take some appropriate actions after learning from mistakes, or else remember the point that “What goes around, ultimately comes around.”

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