Soaking Warmth And Delights In Canary Islands

Embarking a trip in Canary Islands is too easy, stepping in the land, facing the sun’s rays on the face, waving pleasant wind in the hair, and then scuttling directly to a peaceful beach resort or rural retreat, are some distinct experiences which tourists can’t attain in other parts of the world. In Canary Islands, one can soak themselves in the pleasant activities like sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and strolling, although the actual ‘Canaries’ are chugging alongside the background.

The manufacturing work is strong in archipelago, the material proof for that is 2.5 million tons of concrete is dispensed freely every year for building up hotels, homes and businesses. Agriculture still prevails in the sprawling land of Canary islands where Canaries populace works as farmers, all thanks to them because of which yields tasty fruits and veggies. The agricultural land spread across to 520 sq km affords scenic landscapes which ultimately provides with picture perfect postcards. The blooming farming activities are opening the doors for contemporary farming prosperity with new crops such as grapes, tropical fruits, avocados and flowers.

Canary IslandsBut no one can deny the fact that these flourishing developments in this land have been largely triggered because of tourism. During the 1960’s, when Spanish dictator Francisco Franco opened up Spain for the sun-starved masses, he did a commendable task by lining way for development and overdevelopment on the islands. But as we know that every thing brings with it positive and negative facets, therefore it is obvious that the massive-development activities brought with it its own disadvantages.

Francisco FrancoChugging pure water has always posed a predicament as the island possesses few rivers and less sources of fresh water. Adding up to their adversities are other problematic issues pertaining to erosion, depletion of marine wealth, degradation of coasts and tourists areas. However, all these facts were brought under limelight by vocal environment groups. One enriching measure that deserves appraisal was commenced by El Hierro in 2007, which developed a laudable idea to make the island energy-sufficient by utilizing the renewable sources of energy like water, wind and solar energy. Intimidating happenings are what are taking place on Tenerife and La Palma, wherein projects of building new ports, golf courses and hotels are jostled away by the shrieking voices of environmentalists.

weather in tenerifeGoing back through the pages of history, these seven islands were the poorest regions of Spain. Later, after decades this land was an outcome of an in-depth reflection to mainland Spain. Today’s thriving developments have brought it to emulate the mainland Spain, although the desired separation hits significant nerves of the inhabitants of island. However all the credits bask in this island’s glory because initially the land which has been a source of poverty-driven emigration, today witnesses mass immigration. The influx of African immigrants navigating in the land almost daily by boats stands as a polarizing issue in front of the canaries. In spite of seeking help from the Spanish Government and European Union, the Canaries problems have yet not received healing solutions.

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