Small steps big differences – Harihareshwar

Yes, sometimes some small decisions that we make, go a long way to changing our life in a big way. Such small steps that we take towards making bigger causes enrich our lives and we feel fulfilled. A visit to Harihareshwar is one such journey that one undertakes with small ideas of a tour in mind but It ultimately makes great differences to our daily routine.

This seas shore locale in the state of Maharashtra in India lies along the coast of the Konkan in the state. This is popular for its serene ambience, lovely scenic beauty and a virgin expanse of land and water. It is known by the other name of Dakshin Kashi and has great spiritual importance amongst the Hindus. There is a temple here and the presiding deity is the Indian god Shiva. Many people come to Harihareshwar specially to see this temple.

Harihareshwar Temple

The city is believed to have been existing since the time of the emperor Shiva and the first Peshwa Bajirao is believed to have come here sometime in the year 1723. There are many temples here which are a complete proof of the kind of architectural intelligence India has and the Maratha influence on the constructions would interest a historian. There are many sculptures here which lend a lot of interest to the people interested to know more about the Indian epics and the extravagant historical tales that India has to relate always.

Harihareshwar Walkway Harihareshwar Temple Lord Shiva

Shrivardhan is the city located near Harihareshwar and one can reach here from sea too. There are launches which take a person from the city of Shrivardhan to Harihareshwar. There is the Harihar hill or the Pushpadri which is near the Harihar HillHarihareshwar beach .The lovely green ambience shows that Mother Nature has constantly blessed this place and the thick vegetation only adds to the beauty. The glory and grandeur of the past is seen here and one has to just come here and enjoy and feel the difference of being in a paradise away from the rest of the world.

People normally come to Harihareshwar to feel the coolness of the sea breeze here and the tranquility in the beach. This place is the ideal spot for those who want to have the best of ambience, the least of noise and the calmness of spiritual surroundings. The sands in the beach are a perfect blend of softness and purity and people would surely love to lie in the lap of the Arabian sea and feel the serenity of the luscious surroundings enveloping them with thrill and pleasure. The unpolluted sands make a beach lover want to come here more and the sun tanner would love to get tanned here.

Harihareshwar Beach

Tourists coming here get the lovely water travel on the small boats that are provided specially for this. Tourists are quite enthusiastic about coming here in these small boats and the experience is unbelievably nostalgic. You would always remember a trip to Harihareshwar.

Then you have the Ganesh gully , the land of Ganesh temples and the Kalbhairav temple which is another added attraction. All in all a must visit spot.

Kalbhairav Temple

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