Small Package Loaded With Exciting Surprises: Djibouti

What if this country is small in size, the youngest and slightest known nations of Africa? Yet, Djibouti could be a land with extraordinary talents, small but the one which dreams of the highs… but by your point of view, call it as opportunistic. Despite the fact that its neighboring dominant nations are engrossed in violent and ceaseless struggles, this small nation manages to remain in peace and neutrality. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with its attractive traits except for French, who invaded and colonized it and is very well acquainted to its traits. Excluding French, the rest consider it as an en route path towards Eritrea or Ethiopia.

Remember that if you are restricting your tour to Djibouti City for catching a linking train, bus or plane, then you are giving a miss to loads of exciting opportunities. Delicious cuisines, systematic infrastructure, messy nightlife are few trailers to captivate your senses. So, what are you pondering over? It’s the time to get into the town and soak in mysterious lunar landscapes like the eerie Lac Abbe or strolling besides the salt lake of Lac Assal. In addition, there are other tempting surprises for nature lovers like the lush green slopes of Goda Mountains, the imposing mountains that rise in the Northwest of the sunny land. Adventure enthusiasts can hike up the vast mountains to grab their part of fun.

djibouti cityNot limited to just hiking, it is open for additional rejuvenating adventurous activities like diving, snorkeling with whale sharks, windsurfing on wheels….. Isn’t it amazing? These many exciting indulgences loaded in a small fragment of land are sure to spell-bind you. Get into these diverse retreats and grab utmost fun and frolic from here. And if you are of the kind who is seeking relaxation and solitude, then simply head in the beaches of Gulf of Tadjoura. Lie on the warmth pale-sandy beaches and refresh your stressed senses. If you are on a lookout for indulging in soothing and delighting retreats, then make sure that you become a part of adventurous and fun activities in this startling land. They are sure to mesmerize and hold you for long in this small piece of enthralling land.

djibouti culture

Tourist attractions

Djibouti City:

Trying its hands to leave its mark as ‘little Dubai on the Red Sea,’ this cosmopolitan city is a vigorous and lively spot which comes out with charming surprises when travelers arrive from Eritrea, Ethiopia or the Middle East. While exploring the region, you may come across traditionally garbed tribes, blatant qat-chewing people, strong French legionnaires, pretty Somali glamour dolls, exhausted businessmen carrying latest mobile phones. Indeed, the blend of African, European, and Arab land is going to leave you mesmerized. This scorching city flaunts well-organized and lovely infrastructure, but beware as it may dent your pockets.

DjiboutiGoda Mountains:

These imposing mountains perched at the Northwest of the Gulf of Tadjoura elevate to an impressive height of 1750m. This majestic natural creation leaves one jaw-dropped. Also, there is a verdant soothing place in the sweltering deserted landscapes which comes as a huge relief after getting baked in its heat. Also, if you are lucky enough you could witness rains, as it rains sometimes. The atmosphere over here is misty.

The most striking thing that would mind-boggle the tourists is that the small settlements of Dittilou, Bankouale and Randa hail to this nation and they left from here because of the sweltering plains. Djibouti’s national park is placed in the Goda Mountains, so get in Foret du Day National Park, accessing there requires a great potent of hiking.

Djibouti informationTadjoura:

Initially, it was a remote village which traded slaves, but today it is a whitewashed town in the calm backwoods. Placed in charming natural backdrop of the green Goda Mountains, the pleasant blue sea overlooks in front of it. Soothe yourself with authentic natural environment in this attractive town. Subsequently, move ahead to Plage des Sables Blancs which is another serene location that strings white sand. It is located at a nearby distance of 7kms to the East of Tadjoura. Head there and soak the warmth of the sun by reclining in the white-sand.

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