Sinai safari in Egypt

Egypt is place where people can get the scope to travel back in time and see the golden days of the Pharaohs. The best part of Egypt is that there are several kinds of traveling ways and one of the best ways of traveling is to go for a jeep safari in Sinai Desert. The safari will take you through the St. Catherine’s Monastery which has the famous burning bush. You will get the scope in this safari to go to a historical place where Moses received the god’s doctrine of Ten Commandments – Mount Sinai.

The trip of Sinai takes a total of 8 days and starts from your arrival at Dahab. The first day includes the arrival in Sharm El-Sheikh airport and then moving to Dahab which is at least 100 km away from the airport area. Guests are taken in to a hotel situated at the seafront of Dahab and the hotel is designed to provide a Bedouin ambience. The next day tourists are led by the safari team and they take them to the camel safari in Sinai area. Riding o n the ship of the desert and moving around with the rhythm of camel’s pace will give you the feel of the traditional desert life.

The third day will pick up speed your journey as you will go for a jeep safari to discover the majestic White Canyons. The rock canyons will offer you a majestic walking area and will finally lead you to the desert. Soon your road will take you to the surprise of a desert; oasis. Here you will be greeter with traditional tea and you will be amazed to find it refreshing despite the journey on the scorching sun of the desert. The subsequent days are filled with fun as you visit mount Sinai, Seven Siters, Wadi Mukatta, Sandstone Mountains etc.

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