Simplicity of Oslo, Norway

Surrounded with dense green forests grants Oslo, a pot-shaped look. Subsequently basked the glory of ‘Oslogryta’ in the Norwegian region, this feature gives it an intense temperament resulting in scorching summers and chilling winters. The term Oslogryta is not just restricted to weather conditions, but people also add to its credit the wide-ranging characteristics comprising of rich traditions, industrial houses, educational institutions, government and so on and so forth. Doesn’t it seem that Oslo would be a plant that is flourishing out with budding activities and fueling itself by large surges of gas and oil revenues.

Its populace consists of 5,45,000 masses which is doubling that of Norway i.e. 4.5 million. In 2008, The Economist Intelligence Unit had cited Oslo the most expensive city in the world. Therefore to evade from the soaring prices, the populace tours to Copenhagen, Denmark for mini-cruises. Therefore, the two ferry ships nicknamed ‘Oslo Boat’ of Denmark and the ‘Danish Boat’ of Norway, have achieved quite a lot of fame and mostly are chosen for voyaging. Both are also popular as they are personified for attaining culinary delicacies and entertainment. So, if you want to truly enjoy all these in a simple package, board these mini-cruises that leave from either of the capital at 1700 hours and reach you at 0915 hours on another.

If you have a regular habit of waking late in the morning, then this land will certainly be a break through for this habit because this land gets up early and so will awake you too.

After landing in the region of Oslogryta, I began my journey after viewing the legendary Akershus fortress that hails back to 1300. It was a sprightliest and power-boosting experience on the green bulwark that weren’t fenced. Then the singeing sun concealed in the dock’s edge tried to blur my eyesight, however the clouds came to my rescue after this predicament.

After this initiates my true trip to Oslo, it now starts to unveil its natural gems. The Bygdoy peninsula was a fascinator with its beaches, commendable museums like Kon-Tiki and the Viking Ship Museum. Perched upwards the Fjord, the City Hall was the eye-balls grabber and worked as an attention-seeker, from the outer appearance the red bricked building seems to be some kind of nuclear power plant but when stepped interiors, it captivates by its intricate designs that are unmasked globally during the annual Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

Formerly a quaint shipyard has been revamped to an energy-rejuvenating and entertainment habitat with lively set up placed around. It has some of the coolest props encompassing exquisite architectures, alleyways cafes and restaurants, small boat marina glaring constantly and the antique Akershus fortress certainly bejeweled the beauty of this spectacular location.

Statues and Roses:

Boarding the blue tram, I moved onto the Frogner district, en route I noticed that the foundation base of this land was somewhat unusual and distinct, it was not alike the flat surfaces, but instead was steep and ended over the feet of sea. It’s predominant structures that is the Vigeland Sculpture Park grabbed my eye balls because of the marvelous array and enshrinement of 212 sculptures rowed up in a parallel line by Gustav Vigeland. It is an innovative striking display. Alongside flows the bridge which leads to a men-held outpouring, which seems to be a replica of Oslogryta. Then the way to upstairs leads to a magnificent structure exhibiting a large flock of human tower in which 121 human bodies are intertwined and everyone are desperate to untwine and touch the sky. Also, the bronze structure of a furious small boy Sinnataggen, trying to conceal over the bridge represents to be fuming anger.

Heading outdoors after noticing the spectacular sculptures, there was another natural retreat waiting, the invigorating aroma of roses created outside by the 14000 bushes served as an energizer and filled again with high-spirits the tourists who were walking, jogging, leisurely sitting, soaking heat in the open environment. Also, in the exteriors there was the Frogner pool, where in visitors were diving to refresh themselves. The monumental 1814 manifests organized at Frogner is quite famous, even after 200 long years when the Constitution of Norway broke the cuffs of Danish rule and took birth at Eidsvoll.

The Frogner’s exhibition underlined the theme of flourishing from an agrarian society to industrialist one. Although to grab a view of these, people participated from every walk of life right from the art enthusiasts, cultural, and even those who were engaged in contemporary functions. But today, this theme seems to have died along back because now-a-days this is a region of violations and riots who are eager to designate the Populist Progress Party in the government services.

To head in the National Theatre Station, catch the T- shaped railroad, partially which is a subway leads downwards to the hub spot. Also, this terrain presents some fascinating charms like the harbor which sits downwards to the right of Studenterlunden and the Karl Johan Street and the Parade Avenue of Oslo snuggles on the left side. And the most significant is the ‘Stortinget’ i.e. the Parliament which is located ahead of Studenterlunden.

Meandering in the city and desire to catch some perky sights, I got into the ‘Holmenkollen Ski Jump’ which bestows a spectacular bird’s eye view of the whole Oslogryta and also hosts the revered world’s ski jump competition. There are other tourists’ attractions like the Grand Café which is located on the Karl Johan Street and the entertaining ‘Henrik Ibsen’ theatre which is located straight ahead. Also, to reach the Munch Museum, follow the trail towards the left side which then leads downwards in the metro and move forward until four stops.

Guard PalaceDay of Reflection:

Moving onwards, there sits a statue of the Queen Maud who is the current reverential King’s grandmother. This spot provides an ideal angle to snap photographs of the beautiful Royal Palace. Its grandeur and splendid appearance marked by cream and artful yellow color and the beautifully preserved surroundings was decorated with sand on the Palace Square. It saw the marching Royal Guard soldiers on the beats of military band. Karl Johan Street, the place from where they initiated the march was festooned with flags shined majestically in intense sunlight. Subsequently, followed the bands and soldiers of other services and formed a well-organized rows midst the Palace and the Parliament. And then I realized that it was the ‘Stortinget’s’ commencing day.

On the prideful occasion of Constitution Day celebrated on May 17, the populace of Norway being true enthusiasts and followers wave to the Royal Family when they pass parading through the Karl Johan to the Royal balcony. And now was the time of arrival of the royal King Herald and Queen Sonja who arrived in a royal open car and follows black lustrous ambassador. The King is now ready for rendering a patriotic speech, knowing that all its proud citizens are waiting patiently for that outside.

Grand CafeAnd the royal guards are guarding the majestic Grand Café. This place reminds of the old golden days of Henrik Ibsen who is a renowned poet and playwright and also the ‘pioneer and father of modern drama.’ The entire path was carved with his creations engraving his citations and quotations in stainless steel to commemorate the recent Ibsen year past years of his death.

After the grand ceremony, the contrary took place, almost an hour later the streets of Karl Johan was sunken in deep waters. Rapidly, the water level seems to be soaring at a fast speed as if preparing to wash away the whole of Oslogryta. However, later firemen came to the rescue, just seeming to be knight with shining armor, pumping all the water away. Fortitude and fighting against this situation leaves behind with sopping flags and everything got washed away that rendered with entertainment to the whole country. Yet, Oslo remains to be the proud of its citizens and no one dares to speak the term ‘Oslogryta’ except the man who is giving the meteorology reports.

Parliament Iron Men City Hall Bikes

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