Sima Malaka: A Serene Spiritual Experience

Sima Malaka is an amazing destination in Colombo and if you are in search of tranquility and peace and the Buddhist temple in Sima Malaka is the picture perfect to attain Nirvana.

Located at the edge of Lake Beira, an oasis lined with trees and blessed with fauna and flora of nature and in the lake lies the mesmerizing temple and a Bodhi tree spread over small islets.

The monks stroll around quietly, with an air of meditative calm all around, birds chirping with melodious tunes and the opulent idols of Lord Buddha will leave speechless and awe struck.

Buddhist Temple in Sima Malaka

There is no music, no sermons, no singing, just the statues of Buddha all around spreading the message of love and peace.

The environment here imparts you the virtues of detachment, signified tranquility from the desires of the world, although the place is very close to the chaos and crowds of the Colombo city.

Sima Malaka Meditation Centre Colombo City

The cool breeze flowing from all sides of the lakes brushes your face and touches your heart and the cool ventilated area rejuvenates your mind and soul, and takes you on the path to enlightenment, and you may mediate under the cool confines of Bodhi tree and connect with the inner soul.

After you are done with this exotic temple, take a short walk down the south of Beira Lake and witness the legendary Gangaramaya temple which is an abode for well known Buddhist monks and have a look at the Museum. You will be wonder struck by the sight of bejeweled and gilded gifts offered by the devotees here.

Beira Lake in Colombo Gangaramaya Temple View

This place is indeed a tranquil haven where you can simply unwind and experience true bliss as well as spiritual solace.

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