Tame the untamed Brazil

Brazil is all about Soccer, the Carnivals, music and Samba Dance and not to forget the untamed wilderness of the Amazon and the World famous waterfalls – the Iguacu Falls. One can say for sure that this nation has everything in store to quench the wanderlust of the visitors. One can either set on an expedition on its own to explore this beautiful South American nation or can also go for package tours. The main motto is the ultimate joy and what is the deal which way it comes.

The marvellous city, the river of January, Rio de Janeiro is majestically beautiful. This city is world famous for its exotic white sand beaches, rocking night life, the museums which have preserved the Brazilian heritage for long and lushly covered dense forests. The parks and gardens in every nook and corner of this city adds jewel to its ever glowing sparkling beauty. The locals here are called Carioca who are firm believer in the adage, live and let live. Many people believe that this city is a perfect combination of 3’s- the sun, sea and surf. So this densely and thickly populated city of Brazil is calling you all for an ultimate and unforgettable getaway. The best time to rock this city is during the carnival time when the whole city is coloured in a festive mood.

Rio de Janeiro

Someone aptly described the Iguassu or Iguacu Falls as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. They are not only fantastic waterfalls but also act as a connecting bridge between three countries – Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Beholding an unsurpassed beauty, these waterfalls widens and arcs in a grand style. This is the best tourist attraction for all the nature lovers worldwide. Brasilia, the capital of Brazil enjoys a very interesting status of first being a dry, dull city to a fully planned one in just a span of three years and the whole credit goes to the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who brought this dead city to life by creating marvellous building and awe inspiring structures.

Iguassu Falls

Sao Paulo boasts of being not only the largest South American city but is also proud of its rapid growth pace in both industry and education. The people here are lively and extremely friendly. Sao Paulo is not just about only work and no play rather the people here after day’s hard work believe in partying hard at night rocking  the clubs and bars. I enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets in Salvador, the former colonial capital of Brazil. Here you can see some beautiful and marvellous architectural masterpiece of colonial times. The city was also known as the slave centre of Brazil. The churches here are simply stunning. Their interior architecture will take you by surprise and you will marvel the skill of the colonial artists. The Museums here display the 16th and the 17th century antiques and voluminous store of informational insights.

The Amazonia National Park will be one such place where you will surely lose your heart to the splendours of Mother Nature. The untamed wilderness of the Amazon can be explored fully here in Brazil. You would enjoy spending most of your time indulging in bird watching, trekking, hiking, boat cruises and just even relaxing in the lap of nature. If you are interested in bird watching, Pantanal is surely the bird watchers and even the fishing lovers’ paradise. This place is known to be one of the World’s great wildlife reserves. So it is a must visit for every tourist.

Amazonia National Park

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  1. Kevin D'Souza says:

    This August, I went to Bahia in Brazil. I wanted a quiet and relaxing break here, and someone had recommended Morro de Sao Paulo..It had beautiful different beaches with friendly people here. There were no cars on this island. Everyday I discovered a new beach, clean without any pollution. The food was great and i loved the sunsets too!Boipeba was indeed the kind of Brazil I was looking for..I found a place that I really enjoyed very much.

  2. Langie Giuliani says:

    If you ever go to Brazil, which you must, don’t miss Bahia. I was at Salvador some months back visiting a friend and we had the taste of authentic Brazilian food at Panela. I ordered Camarao Com Banana and my friend had vinagrete de Polvo, both are exotic local dishes and very really delicious and a must try when you go to Brazil! We also had a few glasses of Sangria and enjoyed the atmosphere of this place and felt so much at home here in Salvador!

  3. Wallace D'Costa says:

    Brazil is a beautiful place with places to explore and you must visit this place called Solar do Unhao in Salvador.If you want to soak in some culture fun way-Brazilian style then you must visit the show here.The show took place on ‘slave quarters’ of the 18th century. The setting was historic and really authentic. I found out that their Candomble outfits were real and Capoeira martial artists had muscles of Olympic gymnasts.This show was by far our favorite memory of Salvador and we highly recommend it..

  4. Wallace D'Costa says:

    Nice post on the sights to see in Brazil! Thanks! I’ll be flying next month and was web surfing for some nice places to visit in Brazil :-)

  5. Qert Curtis says:

    Another place worth visiting in Brazil is the Pantano do Sul. You’ll have quiet beaches, lovely dense rain forests, simple and having warm ambience and serving authentic Brazilian food. We also went to Salvador and found an excellent place for food..I am a huge fan of Brasilian churrascaria and had awesome authentic Brazilian food here! I just love Brazil too much! Thanks for the post :-)

  6. William Hayworth says:

    If you want to have a taste of the awesome Brasilian cuisine in the presence of local musicians who play a mix of classics and Brasilian music, you must not miss the Black Swan! I am a Scot and don’t prefer being much in the sun..So I found the air-con here fabulous!We met so many folks here. It is a really popular place.The place literally jumps every night with different bands which play exotic heavenly music! You can get Heinz bean on toast here, if you like! This place is a must visit for the fun-lovers who want to have a good time here! :-)

  7. Illeana Ryle says:

    Indeed Black Swan is a lovely Irish/English pub..It shows all sporting events and has mostly a large local cliental..The food and drinks are great and their prices are really reasonable!Thanks for the post :-)

  8. Freddie D'Silva says:

    Salvador is a historic center, and in such places either a traveler shells out lot of money for a meal or has to have fried meat with beans and rice..For a vegan, places like Bahia in Brazil offer limited options.I found solace in this place Cafe Alquimia where I got a filling plate of food for $12!! They have falafels,pasta and their own local salad..I found out that the owner is bit of a crazed fan of coffee and grows his own coffee plantation nearby..It was a real expresso!It is a nice place where you can have a full meal and also get some local information!

  9. Lynne Sachs says:

    I found your post quite interesting and helpful! Thanks a lot :-)

  10. G.Caeser says:

    Oh lovely post! Thanks a lot for so much useful information on the places to visit in Brazil!

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