A World unto Itself – Sicily!

Can you find sights, scenery, shopping, history, culture, nature, beaches, hotels, restaurants, arts, and fashion all in one? We have searched such a place for you where you will find all these and much more. More than an Island! Sicily is Italy’s most historically cosmopolitan region. A place full of art, archaeology, history, and of course great food will behold you forever. Experience the eternal legacy of the Roman Empire. This place draws influence from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Swabians, and Jewish culture. Roaming around the Island you will discover Punic cities, Greek temples, Roman amphitheatres and Norman Arab castles.

Sicily island in Italy

The famous Archimedes principle in physics, though I do not remember how did it go but what i know for sure is that Archimedes taught here and also that saint Paul preached here.  Every nook and corner of this place beholds a treasure beneath it. Europe’s greatest natural wonder Mount Etna is a sacred mountain and a living legend, is the highest mountain and remains cool all through the summers too. Etna’s view from the Greek Amphitheatre is truly majestic. The Lushly forested mountains, the Nebrodi Mountains, situated to the immediate north of Etna, boasts of some of the Island’s highest peaks. Bustling, Chaotic and dusty is what you will say when you come to the capital city Palermo. But it still promises to be very interesting. Being a royal capital of kings and emirs, you will find excellent medieval architecture. Number of monasteries, castles, cathedrals, art galleries, archaeological museums will be a treat for the archaeological buff.

Mount Etna

For beach run, the Aeolian Islands is a must visit. Exceptional beaches and great cuisine especially the sea food will delight you. Though crowded but still you can chill and relax. The valley of temples- Agrigento is surrounded by olive groves and almond orchards. I also got to see an insight into the Greek temples and the marvellous architecture. How about walking down the medieval streets, though Sicily is full of them but the one in Cefalu has its own charm. A complete world in its own this place boasts of Norman Cathedral, Sicanian temple, rocky cliffs, public beach, and interesting shops. Truly! Cefalu is a great excursion idea.

Aeolian Islands

The most important and the most beautiful cities of the ancient Greek world, Siracusa was very close to the hearts of Archimedes, Plato and Saint Paul. Hiding some fascinating treasures, the Archaeological Park is extensive. Here you can find visible marks of the early years of Christianity. Boasting of most famous resorts, restaurants and shops with beaches nearby, Taormina, this mountaintop town is always buzzing with tourist activities. The Sicilian wines are world famous so how could I resist myself to some wine tasting and taking the trip of vineyards. Marsala, the commercial centre of this scenic region is also home to ample of vineyards carpeting the hills and presenting a soothing effect to eyes. Italian Pizza, mouth watered me too. So, get set go and hit the Baroque Southeast. You will get totally confused what to choose and what not, but you will surely love the experience. Apart from trying out Pizza, the nearby towns of Ragusa and Noto will amaze you with the Roman palaces and churches. They are testimony to the magnificent 18th century Sicilian architecture and art.

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  1. Juliett Blake says:

    Sicily is less glamorous if you compare it with other major cities but it is rich in natural beauty and a sense of mystical feeling about it!

    Many people find the weather really great, but here many people come to dwell deep into their souls!

    Sicily is a wonderful place packed with a lot of surprises..So just don’t sit still by the pool..!!

  2. John Zangwill says:

    A beautiful village in the NW of Sicily, Scopello makes for a great contemplative and relaxing vacation spot..It is located in the backdrop of mountains near the sea!

    There are many simple hotels and a few which you can rent privately..We found a great villa on rent which was quite reasonable especially in an off season like May..

    You can walk to the sea, and to the lovely National Park of Zingaro, which has awesome beaches(pebbly and perfect for a good swim!

    Hill walking is a recommendable activity here as you’ll get palate-appetizing food here in the old village center!

    It would take about half an hour’s drive to reach the ancient and dramatic hill town of Erice, and fabulous neraly complete Greek temple of Segesta!

  3. Janette McGahern says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for the informative piece of work! Keep posting more!
    Cheers! :-)

  4. Maggie Hudgens says:

    Oh I loved your post! Keep posting more! Really Valuable and Informative guide! :-)

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