Ruby Falls

Tennessee, United States

Ruby Falls in Tennessee is one of the “wonders of the United States”. This isn’t a sinkhole, a depression, a man made phenomenon. This is simply the deepest and the highest underground waterfall.

This waterfall is 145 foot underground and located within the Lookout Mountain. This place is near the Rock City and the Chattanooga in Tennessee.

Ruby Falls Tennessee

About the Fall

The waterfall was formed with the formation of the mountain. This was believed to have taken its shape some 200 to 240 million years ago, possibly during the Paleozoic era. The eastern part of Tennessee was covered with shallow sea and the sediments of this formed the limestone rock. It is believed that “around 200 years ago this area was uplifted and subsequent erosion created the current topography. The limestone in which the cave is formed is still relatively horizontal, just as it was deposited when it was below sea level”.

Ruby Falls Tour
This mountain which includes the falls is a limestone cave. It is believed that these caves are bound to occur when “slightly acidic groundwater enters the subterranean streams and eats away at the relatively soluble limestone causing narrow cracks to widen into passages and caves in a process called chemical weathering”. The stream which made the fall is said to have entered the cave sometime after it was formed.

Features of the Cave

The Ruby Falls cave is believed to have several formations which include stalactites, stalagmites, columns, drapery and flowstone. The falls is situated at the end of the main passage of the cave in a large vertical shaft. The stream is 1120 feet underground and is fed both by rainwater and natural springs.

Ruby Falls Cave Ruby Falls Cave


Ruby Falls is believed to attract tourists from all over the world. The annual visitation records show that almost 400,000 tourists have visited the place. This place is also registered among the National Register for Historic Places and is ranked as the 80 year old natural attraction.

Ruby Falls Tour

Activities in the place

You can go in for a guided tour and know more about the place. Also, this place has a beautiful scenic environment.

Ruby falls lookout mountain


If you are planning on staying here for a few days and visit the falls and the mountain, it is recommended that you can put up in the resorts sorrounding the mountain. Also, if you want there are some great camping sites available in the area.

Ruby Falls Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls is an amazing tourist destination and one of the major places which attracts tourists from all around the world.

Simply a great place to be in.

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  1. Zelda says:

    My experience here was quite cool! I Went with my sister and her 9 year old daughter. There’s a Big Cave in Lookout Mountain. It got really crowded.
    I wished I could walk through without a tour guide. The waterfall was simply awesome.
    Once back above ground, we bought food at the snack bar. We also climbed to the roof of the building and saw a great view of the Chattanooga area!

  2. Joey says:

    My friends and me loved it here!

    First off its awesome to see the outside of this place, our guide was boisterous but it was just for fun.
    As for the hike,yes we did often stop to let others pass.

    It really was cool,the falls are breathtaking,and you’ll never forget it!

    Finally your guide brings you out there’s a overpriced snackbar although food was really average.
    On the rooftop of the building we saw some great views!

    Really glad we came here!

    Thanks for the post :-)

  3. Jessica says:

    Of my experience here I’d say it was nice but very quick
    We spent about 4 minutes there total.

    There was enough time to walk around it, some people took pictures in front of it- not everyone could, because the lights went out quickly.

    If you’re tall then you’ll have problems with the headroom.You’ll have to keep your head tilted most of the time!

    After the tour,it was nice, so we went up to the lookout mountain observation deck..It was really worth it. The snack bar burns a hole in your pocket, with $5.25 for a “souviner cup” which holds about 20 oz. of drink.

    A good trip on the whole :-)

  4. Veronica says:

    It was really a neat place.

    Easy walking as the tour of the cavern & falls is only a hour.

    We walked for about a mile and ’twas really chilly …60 degrees, We brought a light jacket with us.

    There are no take with you jackets and hats tomcover your ears before you descend to the cavern.

    Our guide was cool!

    The formations of rock are lovely and the short light show & music at the falls was very nice.

  5. Sandy says:

    It was a beautiful site, the Ruby waterfalls were just magnificient.
    I just wish I had more time to see it.

    Because of slower parties in my group, the people at the end seldom got to hear what the tour guide was saying.

    When we actually got to the falls, we only got to stay there for about two minutes before our entire group was ushered out.

    The people at the front were probably there for 5-6 minutes and got to click a few photos too.

    So if you are heading for the Ruby waterfalls make sure you are ahead or else you’ll get very little time to see the breath-taking cool view!

  6. Sebastian says:

    Yeah I agree with Sandy,

    If you want to make the most out of your trip to the Ruby waterfalls then be near your tour guide constantly..

    As I’m tall taht is 6’5″ I had to tilt my neck for the most of the trip below the cave..S o it’s good if you are short :-)

  7. Racheal says:

    It is a tourist trap, but do it once because the waterfalls are really amazing.. :-)

    The compulsory family photo at the beginning of the tour hinted that it was indeed a tourist trap..It

    But don’t let this ruin your mood as the Ruby waterfalls are completely breathtaking!

    Also it helps if you’ve got a good tour guide!

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