Rock your holidays on the Kerala boat race

One thing that stands out about human beings is their love for adventure, their love for the extreme ways of life. So the cases where people participate and watch such ventures are those where both the parties are inclined towards thrill. Imagine you are going to God’s own country Kerala. Can you ever think of coming back without having felt the adventure of a boat race there?

Kerala boat race

Come into this land of greens and virgin surroundings and experience the best adventure sport every where – the boat race. In fact, Kerala is world famous because of this boat race. This incidentally is a sport where there is a record number of people in a single team. Yes the number of people who sit in the boat surpasses the number in any sport in the whole world. There are four helmsmen, who man the boat, then there are around 25 singers who ensure that there is lot of tension eased out and the strain to oar the boat seems less. Then there are more than a hundred people who row the boat. These oarsmen just row in unity and the rhythm at which the singers sings equals the rhythm at which they row. The songs that the boatman sings is called locally as the vanchipattu.

Boat racing in Kerala Boat racing in Kerala

The boats are all shaped like a snake. These races are actually religiously inclined and they enact legends that are attached to this place. This is basically a common event of the community and the whole community is thus involved in it. All the people gather and help in cheering the oarsmen and the people in the boat. They interact with each other and get to know a lot of new acquaintances each year. They bet on which team would win and celebrate when the team they support wins. There is a lot of harmony here and the tourists come across the world to witness this spectacular event – the boat race. There is a lot of showcase of the culture and tradition of Kerala through his event and the world sees a united Kerala here which stands and witnesses the event and those who row in unison.

Legend has it that there was a king Maharaja Devanarayana. He lived in Chempakasseri and had a temple constructed at a place called Ambalapuzha. The idol that was here was found to be spoiled. So an idol of the Indian God Lord Sri Krishna was brought from the temple in Kurichi – The Karikulam temple. The minister went to Kurichi accompanied by some others and came back to Chemapakasseri with the idol. On the way, they halted at a place called Champakulam and spent the night there. There they also performed a pooja.

Maharaja Devanarayana

The next morning they had to go to keep the idol at the temple at Champakasseri and few boats came to take the idol to the place. They had to pass a lake on the way and this became the famed boat race that we see today. The entire spectacle is a similar representation of that event with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm.

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