Relish The Quirky Proffering Bestowed By Grenada

Vivacity, jovialness, gregarious set of populace, authentic beauty of nature, tranquility; all these vivid pleasures are waiting keenly in Grenada to fill you with loads of excitement. Grenada is a magnificent destination that is bestowed with all the beautiful charms. A retreat loaded with reveling festivities, vibrant lifestyle, yet maintains dramatic simplicity. The welcoming behavior of Grenadian populace is the vibrant spice of the land. This is just a gist of Caribbean’s Spice Island, Grenada. If you want to have an in-depth sight in its vivid culture and diverse fun opportunities, then you will have to pack your stuffs and head to Grenada. Experience its all-embracing traits ranging from spice plantations to the diving opportunities, beaches to the affable culture of the locals. Let’s get ahead and check them out.

1) The friendly and hospitable people

Ask people who have visited Grenada, what did they find the most appealing asset about Grenada? And the reply would be the affable populace of Grenada. Believe me, the locals are so sociable and hospitable, that they can make you feel as comfortable as you are in your own town. No one can be as friendly as the tour guides that assist the tourists around the islands. Actually, they suit the tag of ‘in-depth encyclopedia of history and natural science.’ They are enlightened with each and every descriptive details of Grenada. They can take you to tour in an exhilarating fantasy land, moving from the spectacular waterfalls to the hiking in the Grand Etang Rainforests, from towns and markets to Carenage that encompasses the scenic horseshoe harbor in St. George’s, from the knowledgeable archaeological and legendary sites to simply exciting picnic spots.

2) Explore, hike and bird watch in Grand Etang

Rejuvenate your senses by taking a break from the regular course of life. Exhilarate in the exciting adventurous activities by embarking on a hiking trip. Gear yourself with safety equipments and get ahead for hiking about three to four miles, expedite on half-day rainforest trek by crossing 30 acre Grand Etang Forest to Concord Falls. Concord Falls are spectacular waterfalls, the stunning views are sure to imbibe loads of energy in you. Refuel yourself by taking an exciting dip in the swimming hole. Past enjoying the waters, gear yourself for visiting natural wildlife sanctuaries. Round other must-visits in your tour map which include Grand Etang Lake which was once a volcano, today makes a great spot for bird watching. Truly, a bird watcher’s paradise wherein bird-enthusiasts can soothe their eyes with the enthralling views of striking tropical species. Grenada is a safe heaven for varied bird species like Grenada Dove- national bird of Grenada, Gree-Gree, Hook-Billed Kite which lunge down from the high lofty mahoganies of the Mount Qua Qua Trial.

Grand Etang

3) Watch baby turtles hatch on the sand

Grenada is one of the third rarest spots in the entire Caribbean which witnesses visits of more than 150 female Grenada turtlesleatherback turtles every year. These species of reptiles embark their tiresome trip all the way from North America to the tropical region of Grenada for the purposing of laying eggs. These outstanding reptiles have even outshined the gigantic species of dinosaurs, as they have set the record of living around for over 165 million years. Get their striking views in Levera Beach; it is the spot where sheltered females bury their eggs beneath the sand for the motive of incubating them as well protecting them from predators. Make sure you move there between May and June, as it is the best season for viewing them.

4) Dive the unspoiled paradise of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Enthralling and unique diving opportunities both underwater and top side are offered by the enchanting state of Grenada. Plunge under the mesmerizing surface where divers are taken for experiencing an unforgettable moment in stunning underwater sites and profuse marine life in the Caribbean. Grenada and its sister islands are perfect exotica for indulging in the riveting fun activity of diving. There are about 30 dive spots and almost everyone is located at a 15-20 minutes distance from dive shops. The splendid spots of Grenada and Carriacou are idyllic spots for viewing captivating walls and wrecks that are enriched with sharks, turtles, lobsters and giant moray eels. These giant moray eels can be spotted while they slither smoothly against the settings of delicate coral forests, extraordinary reefs and sponges.

petite martinique grenada

5) Walk the Grand Anse Beach, one of the world’s best beaches

Grand Anse Beach flaunts the glory of being the largest in the entire Caribbean and one of the best beaches of Grenada. It is a soothing spot for spending some quality time with the beloved ones. Stroll alongside the elongated stretch of this island in the day end, when the atmosphere is peaceful and at the same time cheery, when locals come here for swimming. Grand Anse Beach is truly grandeur with its 2-miles extended stretch that is scattered with sea grapes and swaying palm trees. Snuggling to the south of the capital St. George’s, it is perhaps a paragon beach for families. Gained recognition as one of the best beaches in the world, Grand Anse has an exquisite charm to blow the minds of people. Explore the entire stretch of beach by first moving at the north part of the beach, wherein relish the indolent cold Carib at a local bar. Or try to meet Jennifer Hosten, the 1970 Miss World and former high commissioner of Canada, whose haven is located in Manotick. Also, savor the lovely delicacies offered in Sunday brunch i.e. pancakes that are served with maple syrup either chose from other Caribbean special delicacies.

Grand Anse Beach

6) Visit Carriacou

Accessible by a smooth 90 minutes ferry ride from Grenada or if you are running against the time, then catch a 15 minute flight by air and past all this you will be stepping in the untouched, impeccable and pure lands of Carriacou. It is a small delicate island which shelters approximately 7000 people. Rich in legendary history and culture, it is deservingly one of the oldest destinations in the planet Earth to preserve the heritage customs and traditions. Tourists are welcomingly invited to live and relish the old cultures like Big Drum Dance, a tremendously vast wooden boat building that was been provided by the Scottish ancestors and festive ceremonies that are a fusion of Caribbean and Glaswegian heritages. It is even a great adventurous and exciting spot for adventurous people as it offers scuba diving, snorkeling, and an enthralling taxi ride to the adjoining Sandy Island. Carriacou is a truly heart-throbbing spot for people coming from all walks of life as it offers something for everyone.

7) ‘Spice’ up your life with Grenada’s products

Tour to Grenada without sneaking a peek in its exotic spicy spots is just an incomplete visit. Chief producer of sundry spices like clove, cinnamon, ginger, bay leaves, turmeric and sapote, Grenada stands out as one of the world’s major suppliers of nutmeg and mace. Therefore, if you are in or planning to visit Grenada, then must visit spicy places include Dougaldston Spice Estate, a heritage memorial that has served as Grenada’s past of spice producing and processing. The hugest in the entire Grenada- Gouyave and Grenville Nutmeg processing station; Grenada Distillers Limited which produces delighting rum products; River Antoine Rum Distillery for peeking historic processes that have molded some changes since the 1800’s. The latter one is reputed to be the oldest operating rum propelled distillery in not just Grenada, but in the entire Caribbean. The Westerhall Rum Distillery uses vestiges of old artifacts in the rum refining process, so don’t try to miss it out. Last but not the least is the delectable, lip-smacking, and favorite of all- the Grenada Chocolate Factory. Head here along with your kids for savoring the rich taste of fresh local chocolate; no one will ever forget the chocolaty treat.

space market8) Participate in the hustle and bustle of Grenada’s famous ‘Spice Market’

Market Square, the lately refurbished market place is a hub of activity in St. George’s. It grabbed my attention with its hustle and bustle, exuberance and vivid colors. It is truly chirpy and exciting spot as it is a premier shopping spot for both buyers and sellers. Local produced stuffs, exotic spices and beautiful handicrafts are boasted in the market place. Move to Young Street or Carenage for gathering memorabilia and fresh indigenous stuffs as both these districts of St. George’s house souvenir, handicraft and gift shops. If you really wish to make the experience a part of your most cherished memories of the entire lifetime, then pick up the best buys of Grenada. It includes batik, screen printed textiles, leather crafts, woodcarvings and handicrafts formulate by the locals.

9) Marvel at Grenada’s waterfalls

Hearing the word ‘waterfalls’ only fills one’s mind with intense ecstatic pleasure. And adding cherry to the cake is the heavenly waterfalls of Grenada. Grenada’s stunning waterfalls are the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean. Experience the picturesque, reachable and small Annandale Falls. The Concord Falls is a spectacular eye-candy perfect for swimming. While Concord Falls can be reached through roadways, Au Coin and Fountainbleu are accessible just by foot.

Grenadas waterfalls

10) Experience a bygone era at Grenada’s plantation houses

Grenada allows to have a glimpse in its legendary culture and history. It is an island virtually dipped in rich history and culture. The entire aesthetic historical aura is left untouched and undisturbed in the natural surroundings. The admiration can’t fit in any sort of praises or laudation. You yourself will have to move in the island’s spectacular plantation houses like the beautiful Plas Manje. Wanna have a look at the real history, then stroll down the lane of spices at Douglaston. Douglaston is Grenada’s oldest spice estates and primary spice processing plants. It offers authentic spice processing, lectures and demonstrations on primary spice productions. Truly, it is a great and distinct spot which has preserved the art and skills of centuries ago alive.

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