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Once overlooked, Winnipeg was a bustling city engaged with the activity of trading post. In the past, there was a time, when it was only considered as a doorway to Western Canada. However, in the past few decades, Winnipeg has traced its mark as a flourishing city of North America. It has marked a steep growth and developed drastically lately. Emerged as a multi-ethnic city, Winnipeg is one of the cities that offers fusion of diverse cultures, arts and legendary history. The thriving Winnipeg Metropolitan province has climbed the ladder of success by stepping on the eighth position of Canada’s largest Census Metropolitan Area. Mounted this illustrious status with earnest endeavors, Winnipeg is the next tourist hotspot ready to spell its magic allover. It is an enchanting destination ideal for entire family visits. Boasting tremendous amount of exotic fun and interesting educational charms, it keeps both the adults and children entertained.

Best of Winnipeg for families

All day long fun activities

Move ahead with a pre-determined thought to have a tryst with polar bears of Winnipeg. Oh… don’t get me wrong, this idea will not end you up as a prey of polar bear. Because, here I am referring to the polar bear sculptures and not the polar bears. Almost 60 polar bear sculptures are lined up on Winnipeg’s streets and this can be attributed to the Broadway Fundraising Initiative that commenced in 2005. This noble initiative raised fund by selling off the polar bear sculptures to different companies. At present, these structures welcome your way pleasantly as they have been attired and placed all along the town. To spot several polar bear sculptures at a time, hit the Manitoba Legislature’s open grounds. Truly, your kids will be overwhelmed with joy and delight.

Time to behold the real polar bears!

Head to the popular “Polar bear capital of the world” i.e. Churchill. Sitting in Manitoba, Churchill witnesses visits of 300 polar bears during the fall, between September and November. Located at a far distance of 1900 kms from Winnipeg, it is almost near to impossible to get there through the roadways. However, reaching there is not impossible as you can catch a two and a half hour flight from Winnipeg and access Churchill easily. Come with adequate time in hand and behold the magnificent view of polar bears moving freely in the natural surroundings, instead of watching them confined in zoo.

Churchill polar bears

Best educational experience

Instead of sitting idle and wasting your time in the hotel room depressed, due to severe cold or rains, take up the time to tour in the Manitoba Museum. The museum’s eight immense informative galleries take to a tour down the historic lane. It gives an interesting enlightening in-sight in the history of nature, culture and man of Manitoba. Not only will you be loaded with historical descriptions, but also you will have a meeting with full-sized polar bears, bison and indigenous American teepee. The most striking and attention grabbing structure in the entire museum is the reproduction of Nonsuch Ship. Navigated in 1668, this ship played a crucial role and led to the discovery of the Hudson Bay Company. Go explore the boat by taking glimpse of captain’s quarters and other parts of the ship. Apart from this, the museum has also formulated a replica of Winnipeg’s street that hailed to the early 1900’s. This museum is an exciting spot as it reverses back to the olden days, and provides a rare glimpse in the history. Truly exciting for both adults and kids, make sure you head to this museum.

Manitoba MuseumManitoba Museum

Placed at about distance of half an hour from the Business District of Winnipeg, the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada is enriched with descriptions of legendary Winnipeg. Not only this, this fort is also esteemed to be the oldest stone fort in the entire North America. It has also marked the significant historical moment of signing the Treaty No. 1 between the Crown and the First Nations People. Tour in this enlightening museum will certainly take one back to the nineteenth century, where one can have a conspicuous view of the Hudson Bay Company. Sneak a peek into the history and lifestyle of the native inhabitants. Learn more about aboriginal craft forms, blacksmithing and so on.

Manitoba’s Children MuseumManitoba’s Children Museum

Lying adjacent to the Inn at the Forks is this great interactive Children’s Museum of Manitoba. This museum is basically pragmatic in form as it interprets education and creativity in such a fruitful manner, that kids will love to understand. The inspirational galleries have been set up which allows children to grab fun by gliding down a 17 foot long oak tree; catch the legendary CN train car that hails to 1950’s and enjoy being a news anchor or weather person. Also, they can play in vast sand box or learn the art of building by simply playing with plumbing pipes or digging.

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Behold the sight of exotic animals in Assiniboine Park Zoo. This safe wildlife sanctuary is home to black bears, cougars, arctic fox, white tigers, bobcats, raccoons, zebras, lemurs and much more. It is open round the year. Up till 2008 November, this park zoo was unique of all the zoos as it sheltered the oldest polar bear of the world called Debby. However, his sad demise took place when he was 42 years old.

assiniboine park zoo

Fort Whyte is another attention grabbing wildlife centre. Popular as a Nature Education and Environmental Centre, it is quite an informative and interesting spot worth visiting. This spot shelters more than 30 bison herds. Not only this, it also offers opportunities of hiking in forest trails and seeing the prairie dogs in Prairie Dog Town. Also, you can gain crispy details of the burning issue ‘Global Warming’ at exhibitions of climate change. In addition, Fort Whyte also affords sailing, wildlife spotting, snow shoeing and many more.

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