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Kerala, is God’s Own country and it is a undisputed fact. Situated amongst the best stretches of coconut trees and palm groves, this is where you would want to come and relax on one of those lazy vacation tours. So come here and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the lovely sight of the sun kissed beaches. With the most exotic wildlife found here and the ideal charming villages giving the best exposure to the culture and tradition of this beautiful land, Kerala is a perfect tour pleasure in Indian tourist destinations.


Ranipuram in Kerala is one such place which has the best attractions to offer and the ideal pleasures to experience. Come to this sleepy little village that is situated around 750 metres above sea level. Around 55 km from the city of Kasargod, this village isĀ  very famous for its most diverse vegetation and the best varieties of shoal wood, monsoon forests, and the densest evergreen trees. Earlier known as Madathumala today this Ranipuram region is a great place to see wild elephants in full splendour. With the forests nearby being connected to the neighbouring Karnataka state, Ranipuram offers ideal travel luxuries.

During your visit to Ranipuram, be ready to indulge in some great adventure activities that are typical of this place. So get set for a lot of mountain climbing, trekking and also excursions. With this kind of scenic beauty, this village in Kerala offers the best memories and you would always cherish your visit here. This is in fact the most frequented hill station of Kerala. With the cottages offered by the tourism industry giving you comfortable pleasures, Ranipuram in Kerala is certainly a great locale and a perfect travel destination for all.


Accessible by road, rail and air, the nearest railhead is the Kasaragod railway station and the nearest airport is the Mangalore airport which is around 50 km from this place. Also you have the Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode which is again around 200 km from Kasargod.

Kasaragod railway station

Ranipuram is a small village on top of a mountain with an expanse of verdant stretch and has the best greenery around. This is a great place to rejuvenate and relax your spirits. The grasslands here are very popular and the monsoon forests with the trekking trails offer the perfect ambience to bask in this travel experience.

Also there is something very interesting about this place, and that is the story behind it. It is said that in the year 1970 the Catholic Diocese of Kottayam used to take care of this region and they brought some greenery here in those times. They belonged to the Kandoth family. They used to be the landlords here and it was named Madathumala then. They used to have the Theyyam as the traditional dance here and these people used to perform this dance to appease the Goddess Mother.

Theyyam dance

Ranipuram is very often compared to the other pristine hill station Ooty. Ranipuram is a little warmer than Ooty and is famous today amongst all the nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. It is the beauty of the place that holds the attention of the tourists here and they love to enjoy the sight of the panoramic view of the entire landscape that so forms a part of the beauty here.

Sometimes even the most fascinating sights prove to be very beneficial to all and Ranipuram is one such region which gives you great travel ideas and the most cherishable travel moments. Get surrounded by beauty and virgin expanses of greenery and come back totally enriched with the travel experience here.

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