Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Located in the southern part of India in the state of Karnataka, the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is a beautiful haven for bird lovers and a perfect delight for naturalists. With the River Kaveri flowing by, there is a group of six islets here which abound in the aquatic insects during the rainy season. Ranganathittu is thus a favourite nesting place for all birds. It was in the year 1940, that it got the position of a bird sanctuary thanks to the efforts of Dr.Salim Ali the famous ornithologist. Today this is a blessing for all wildlife lovers and occupies a great place in the hearts of all those bird watching enthusiasts. With around 2,080 foreign tourists and 2, 02,417 domestic tourists, the sanctuary is today slowly growing in popularity and fame.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary

The sanctuary has the best climate suited for birds and wild animals. With the temperature remaining pleasant most of the time, the heavy rainfall sometimes prevents the tourists from coming here. Otherwise at other times of the year, the place is a perfect delight. Spanning over a huge area, the bird sanctuary is a great nesting and breeding group for all migratory birds in Asia. So the spoonbills, darters, open bill storks, little cormorants, white ibis, heron, egret, river tern, partridge, snake bird, stone plougher, and many other special and exotic species of birds are found here in flocks. All the officials here have been trained to take care of the fauna here and these bird species also come from countries as far as Australia Siberia and North America besides Asia. In fact there are around 1400 storks that have visited this sanctuary since the year 1999. These migratory birds lay eggs on the river islets and these eggs breed here. The migratory birds start arriving in the sanctuary from December and then remain here till their little ones are born sometime in August and then again return the following year.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary in Karnataka

Tourists can go around the sanctuary in boats and can enjoy this ride along the river and the small islets and see the beautiful birds in full flow, with the amalgamation of hues and plumes. The oarsmen guide you through the place giving you small details about the entire place. The banks of the river Kaveri provide a great picnic locale thus making it a favourite amongst all picnickers.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

While here, people also go to the nearby Mysore city and also to the city of gardens Bangalore which are easily approachable from this place. Mysore is the nearest rail head and Bangalore is the nearest airport. There are travel tour packages which give you a comfortable stay here and also allow you to understand the area better.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

At Ranganathittu there are cottages which are quite convenient and comfortable for all. Tourists either live here or live in Mysore and travel to this place.

With the best cornucopia of avifauna, the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary comes across as a hub for all the bird lovers, nature enthusiasts and the wildlife photographers. With the best to offer and the most appealing scenic beauty to experience, this is certainly a great destination as a weekend getaway. With the Bandipur National park also providing a valuable travel attraction, the total experience of visiting the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is cherishabale and memorable.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

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