Queenstown Combos in Adventure tourism in the World

There are many destinations in the world which would give the adventurous thrill that you yearn for in travel experiences. Yet there are some of those unique destinations which never fail to give you that bit of kick and that verve that you require in adventure travels.

While traveling across the world, get ready to visit some of the best destinations of adventure tourism in the world. Queenstown is one such region which gives you the ultimate adventure travails and the most elegant thrilling escapades in this part of the world. Come and enjoy river rafting here and also  notwithstanding the helicopter flights which are so much a part of the tours here. Jump into the sea and pump up your adrenalin here in the unique adventure combos of Queenstown.

Queenstown Combos river rafting

The combos provide a perfect travel delight and fill your kitty with the most fascinating adventurous activities in this part of the world. So with the extensive and vivid ranges of packages that you get experience this special travel delight and get ready to face the best.

The Shotover High Five has the most thrilling jet boat rides and also a scenic helicopter experience. So enjoy the best here and as you land on the Skyline Gondola summit in the helicopter you would certainly love to ask for more in these tours. Go to the Skyline Complex and enjoy the views from Queenstown above. Ride the Skyline Luge which is a beautiful ride on the tracks and also take the Gondola Cableway which goes down a descent of around 450 metres and then head back to town.

Gondola Cableway

Then you have the Shotover Duo which is another lovely boating pleasure and with the white water rafting found in the River that flows down the land it is a wonderful memory in adventure tourism in this part of the world.

Shotover Jet Queenstown

Take the Shotover trio which is another jet boating thrill and also includes a helicopter flight over the Skippers Canyon and then of course has the white water rafting escapades down the River Shotover. The total duration is of 5 hours and has the most fascinating moments.

Queenstown Combos helicopter

Then you have the Awesome foursome which is the most popular in adventure tourism in Queenstown and has a high speed jet boat ride down the River Shotover and has the ultimate bungy jumping thrills. This is a 134 metre high jump from the Nevis High wire and also is inclusive of a magnificent helicopter flight and white water rafting down the River Shotover. This is something which lasts the whole day.

Bungy Jumping

New Zealand to have its share of adventure tourism. The adventurous experience here is a combination of sports and absolutely high adrenalin pleasures which only the South Island of New Zealand could give you. There are adventure tours here which take you to the heights of adventure experiences and give you that extreme element of thrilling locales. So get the best sights of the golden beaches, magnificent glaciers and remotely tranquil locales in this part of the world.

The Gibbston Wine Cave is another wonderful location near Queenstown You may visit this place on a plane, boat, coach or a helicopter and enjoy Queenstown at its best. Then of course you have the benefits of enjoying the bed and breakfast facilities as well as the homestays.

Gibbston Wine Cave
In totality, Queenstown is surely the land you have to be in, if you are searching for an adventurous experience.

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