Pushkar Fair – Get Real in Rajasthan

As the month of October gets over, get ready to get real in Rajasthan in the month of November. For come November 2, and you would head to where there is only colour, glory and culture. Yes, it is the Pushkar fair in Rajashtan. Come here and you would find why it is so popular and why it is one of the religious destinations in the state of Rajasthan in India. Many devotees come here and make sure they get a holy dip and that they would get rid of their sins here. It is not only the devotees who come here for the fair. Besides them, you have the myriad musicians, the beautiful folk dancers, and the Rajashtani sadhus. These are the people who dominate the fair and are quite popular too. There are many people who participate here and so make sure you make proper arrangements well in advance for staying here. You also have the Pushkar fair tour organizers who would ensure you stay is hassle free.

Pushkar Fair

While at the fair, you can see many things of action. Here is where the animals are auctioned so Pushkar sees many entries for this as there are many who want to sell their animals. There are many more who buy animals here. Pushkar is a holy land and is a land of temples too. There are many popular and famous temples here and tourists like to come here, enjoy in the fair and also have a religious experience in the local temples. There is the Brahma temple, the Varaha temple and the Mahadeva temple which is the most popular and most visited by all tourists coming for the Pushkar fair.

Brahma temple Varaha temple

The festival lasts for five days. It starts on the Kartik ekadashi day and ends on the Kartik Purnima day. It is in fact one of the biggest Indian fairs. Legend has it that Lord Brahma, the Hindu God, comes to Pushkar every year on the full moon day and hence all the pilgrims coming here take a dip in those very waters through which they believe Lord Brahma had set foot on.

It is carnival time here during the Pushkar fair and Rajasthan could never have been more colorful. There are competitions like the bridal competition, paint competition and moustache competition. The moustache competition is believed to be the most sought after and rarest of all competitions so people throng to see this event here in the Pushkar fair.

Moustache competition at Pushkar Fair

Rajasthan is synonymous with the camel so a camel safari is but obvious if you come to Pushkar. The camel is the ship of the desert and the most loved animal of Rajasthan. So go on a camel safari, and enjoy the fair from the camel’s back. Go to the nearby villages on this camel and enjo9y the sights and scenes that you get to see there.

Camel at Pushkar Fair

Thus the Pushkar fair is that one opportunity that you get to see the culture and tradition that exists in this part of the world. Also religiously connected, the whole area of Rajasthan is a hubbub of activities during this time.

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