Punnathoorkotta Tours

When you are in God’s own country Kerala then you are sure to enjoy all the pleasures of being in this paradise on earth. So come here whenever you feel like taking a break and enjoy the pristine surroundings of the loveliest locales of this virgin land in India. Kerala is the place to be in if ever you have wanted to have ideal travel pleasures.

While here in this beautiful land called Kerala, the region of Punnathoorkotta is a place worth visiting. So embark on this travel to this land with rustic surroundings and relax and rejuvenate in this place which is the best way you could beat stress and worry.

Situated very near the Guruvayoor temple in Kerala, this place is the ideal place for all those who want to feel closer to Nature. This is a region where you would find the best elephants of Kerala and where you would find Mother Nature at her best. Enjoy the sights of the lovely beautiful beauties ¨C the wild elephants roaming in absolute bliss. Here is where the elephants are brought and also offered prayers and there are a good many rituals performed for these lovely animals. These graceful pachyderms and groomed and trained here.

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the excitement of spending a day with these elegant pachyderms? Enjoy this and more in a tour to Punathoorkotta and bask in the pleasure of being in this beautiful region. With the best kind of surroundings, PUnathoorkotta introduces you to the technique of how elephants are taken care of and given medication when sick. Make these elephants your friends and enjoy their friendship. Experience the sight of how these elephants are trained for the grand festivals like the Thrissur Pooram and many other occasions.

You can reach Punathoorkotta by road, rail or air. With Guruvayoor as the main rail head and the Cochin airport as the nearest airport, Punathoorkotta is easily accessible by all and is a wonderful spot to be in during your travels.

So whenever you happen to visit the very famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala in India, then do make it a point to also visit this pristine land of PUnathoorkotta and bask in the pleasures of being in a verdant haven. Lying just around 3 kms from the pilgrim region of Guruvayoor, this is a place where you would just love to be irresistibly charmed by these wild beauties. Whether it be the young calf elephants or the oldest elephants, the entire experience is mesmerizing. In fact, this region was earlier a place which had an old palace called the Punathoor Kottam. Kottam means Palace in Malayalam. This was owned by the PUnathoor Raja. Today this is the place where the elephants of the Sri Guruvayoor temple are kept. Today there are around 62 elephants here and it is said to be the largest hub of elephants across the world. These elephants have been presented by rich people who come to the temple to worship and Punathoor kotta houses these elephants with a lot of pride and charm.

Punnathoorkotta Elephant
When tourists come to see this land, then they are sure to see the sight of the elephants being taken for a bath. This is something which remains etched in their minds as the sight is extremely pleasant and greatly cherishabale. To see these gigantic beings dowsed in water and to see them getting clean is something which is very intriguing and enchanting. The mahouts lead them to the various tanks in the Koa. The sight is really awe inspiring and Punathoor Kotta is famous for these elephants and everything that revolves around them. These elephants apparently take turns in doing duties at the temple.

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