Pulau Pramuka – Amazing for diving

All the backpackers who come to Indonesia are very well-versed with the amazing holiday destinations such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. However, this time, I as one of them planned for a less familiar holiday spot – Pulau Pramuka. Surprisingly, there is so much here to see and do on this island, which kept me thinking as to why this has not yet become a famous vacation retreat. However, I spent my full time in diving.

Pulau Pramuka is among the closest, biggest, and most inhabited islands in Indonesia. On Saturday early morning, I visited the ODY office at 7 and was on time to leave for the Ancol Marina from where we will begin our journey to this island. ODY offers its own port and resort for an intimate diving experience. With me, there were some more six people all of whom were from USA. We left with via a boat and the wind blowing over my face was just making me feel good. As we move farther from the port, the water was getting much clearer with the color change to dark blue. Passing by boats and ships, we all reached Pulau Pramuka within an hour. We all land down the boat in no time. This time, I was even more excited as well as curious about the trip on the clear waters and amidst the green trees.

To store the air tanks, we first accessed the wooden dock where two big wooden houses fronted with open space exist. In this small space, I was amazed to see a broad bed covered with a light-colored mattress as well as many pillows. With this, I just could not stop myself to lie down and have a nap. Well, I hope you must have understood that this was our waiting station for diving. For me, I didn’t have that much time that I could rest for a while because I was in just the second group whose turn was obviously after the first group diving round. From this resort, our hotel was just at the walking distance called Wisma Dermaga where my room was on the second floor.

Back on the rest point, I spend some time in exploring the island that was quite small with ships passing by, kids playing on the shore, and paved alleys splitting the dwellings. However, the island is still wonderful and also maintains turtle conservation. In some time, our instructor Deden called us for diving and so we three people headed towards the port, changed our clothes, and prepared and checked the gear that was heavy (3 lbs weight).

My first dive was at a wooden platform that is 5 m deep and was supposed to be a training dive area. Holding a rope, I went down feeling somewhat uneasy. At the base, we learned about the primary skills like putting regulator again. We all did this so fast as we were excited for some real diving that was our next activity along the reef, which was a total fun with some mistakes like mask getting lose and over the ears. Ok, but I managed it all! Now, it was lunch time and the lunch table was so coolly set under the trees.

For our second dive, we traveled for half an hour on the boat and then dived from a site behind the island. This was where I saw a floral garden along with colorful fish as well as anemone. This was a sensational one with much tranquility, water, and regulator bubbles only present here. I was deep down for 60 minutes at 14 m.

In the evening, we went back to Pulau Pramuka where at night we had dinner. On our way, we all shared our experiences with each other including the instructor. Finally, I was so tired to just sleep down on my bed in the room.

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