Pleasures of Kenya tours and Travel Guide

Come to the continent of Africa and enjoy the tours to this part of the world. Some of the regions of Africa are very hot and give the most intriguing delights.

With the kind of ambience and the most beautiful surroundings in this part of the world, experience the best of tour pleasures and enjoy coming here to this lovely vegetated land. The extreme temperature here generates extreme winds and this is the reason there are wind farms in Africa.


Amongst the many wind turbines that are found in the African region and Kenya is one such land where you would get to see such wind turbines. There are more than 365 huge turbines in Kenya and they are all installed in the desert regions around Lake Tukrana in the northern part of Kenya. This has in fact created the biggest African wind farm. It is a project that has been supported by the African Development Bank and would have a great capacity and it has one of the highest proportions of wind energy that would be fed in a national grid in any part of the world.

The natural fuel in Kenya comes from the wind and also from the hot underground rock and the sun. Their potential is great and is sometimes hardly considered. Once the set up cost is achieved the energy is almost free. The region is blessed with one of the highest wind velocities in the entire world and gets the best ways of getting exposed to the sun. The African countries have actually been a little slow in getting the alternative power methods. Egypt and Morocco have been taking giant strides towards ensuring that the wind power is on commercial scales. The countries of Ethiopia and Kenya are also onto making an effort to fill the gap between the supply and demand that is available here. They are getting used to tapping the wind energy and Ethiopia has in fact a lot of wattage in the Tigray region thus covering around 15%of the electrical capacity. Ethiopia has intentions of covering a lot more projects like these and in fact Tanzania has a lot of plans to generate around 100 MW of power from two projects in the Singida region. To ensure that wind power is generated and dependence on the coal generated energy is reduced South Africa has a kind of feed in tariff for the wind power. There are many people who are interested are contribute by helping to generate wind energy. In fact this is the first region in Africa that has contributed to this respect. The Lake Turkana wind Power Project has the German Consortium taking care of it and has leased around 66,000 hectares of the largest desert lake. There is a hot wind that blows here in the entire year and the region between the Ethiopian and Kenyan highlands are filled with a kind of eco tourism that is also being followed.

Lake Turkana wind Power Project

But it is a tedious task to transport turbines to the secluded regions of this area like the Loiyangalani. The place is also around 300 miles to the north of Nairobi. The trucks have to ply on the bridges and roads and these need to be mended. There are also security issues which make the local tribal people carry guns with no inhibitions. Kenya would take lot of efforts to promote a lot of clean energy and also some amount of sustainability which have crossed a lot of wealthy countries. The ecotourism industry here is made of small lodges and camps most of which have turned to solar and wind power as another method of burning stoves. There are droughts here which have made the demand for firewood more as this is what the Africans normally use for cooking their meals. The excessive use of firewood is turning the grasslands and also the savannahs into grassy patches. According to the Household Energy Network or the HEDON there is a lot of smoke that is produced by the wood. This is also the fourth leading cause of disease and death in the countries in the world today.


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