Pleasurable Destinations at Nandyal

While in India, there are many places to visit and the innumerable states in India, give the best travel delights and the most intriguing tourist pleasures. Come to Andhra Pradesh the most ancient state in India and get to see the best travel views here in this part of the southern portion of the subcontinent.

Nandyal is a fascinating town in Andhra Pradesh and is connected to almost all parts of the state. There are many buses that connect Nandyal to other cities. There is a railway station at Nandyal which connects this lovely town to other cities. The nearest airport is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and is around 270 km from here.
With auto rickshaws taking you around locally this is one place that you should visit and should enjoy the pleasures of being in this place.

Nandyal is a great travel destination and has around nine temples surrounding it. These temples have Lord Shiva as the presiding deity. These nine temples also include the Mahanandi, Vishnunandi, shivanandi, and Somanandi. The Mahanandi temple is famous amongst these temples. Here as one seeps in the intriguing ambience, one gets totally enchanted by the lovely artificial pond which is so much a part of the scenic beauty here. It is believed all the devotees who come here that the water here is very pure and is equivalent to the pure water found in the Himalayan regions. However the main thing is that the source of this water is a mystery to all and is an intrigue to all travelers coming to this part of the world.


There is a place called Ahobilam which has a magnificent temple dedicated to the Lord Narasimha and is at Ahobilam. This is a very popular temple in this part of the State and is situated amidst a verdant expanse. This is around two hours by road from Nandyal.

At Nandyal you also have the Belum Caves which are a major tourist delight to everyone who comes to this part of the region. There is a region called Yaganti which has a Shiva temple here. Nandyal also has a lot of connection with the district of Prakasam as it is very near the places like Markapur, Giddaluru and Dornala.

Belum Caves

Nandyal is very popular for its crops of lentil and was also the native place of the well known famous Vijaynagar poet Pingali Suranna. He was the poet in the court of the Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Tuluva Dynasty.

Mahanandi is one of the nine Nandi temples here and has 8 temples surrounding it. These temples lie within 15 km from the Mahanandi temple. The other temples are the Naga Nandi, Prathama Nandi Surya Nandi, Soma Nandi, Vishnu Nandi, Shiva Nandi, Garuda Nandi an the Vinayaka Nandi.

Nandi temples

Devotees follow a certain path to visit these Nandi temples. The path is the Prathama Nandi then the Naga Nandi, then the visit to Soma Nandi,  the Surya Nandi,  the Siva Nandi, Krishna Nandi, and the Garuda Nandi, Mahanandi and then the Vinayak Nandi. The tour gets over in half a day and the rugged path enchant the tourist completely and is a great travel experience.

The Prathama Nandi is located on a high base and is near the station. Then the Naga Nandi is inside the Anjaneya temple and is near the bus stand. Then there is the soma Nandi which is near the Jagajanani temple. Then the Surya Nandi is situated on a road to Mahanandi, and then you have the Shiva Nandi which is a lovely Chalukya temple and lies in the Kadamala village. Then there is the Vishnu Nandi which is near the Shiva Nandi temple. Also you have the Garud Nandi which is situated before the Mahanandi temple which is a beautiful temple with lovely springs where pilgrims take a dip. Then there is the Vinayaka Nandi which is near the Mahanandi temple.

Thus Nandyal is a lovely place which is a great pilgrim destination which is located in Andhra Pradesh in India.

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