Picturesque And Mesmerizing Islands Of Italy

While people get frustrated after diving in the well of work, work and work…. people prefer taking a short break from their corroding lives. Well, that’s a very good idea. However, on the contrary, things don’t seem to take good shape, even after tracking to a positive route. The reason behind this is vagueness, confused? Let me explain. While people head to holidays, they favor moving to popular tourist destinations; ultimately there selection leads them to such spots which are swarmed heavily. Generally, rational man’s definition of holidaying rotates on coziness, serenity, enjoyment, delighting with their family members in out-of-the-ordinary spots. So, I am there to fulfill your wishes and escort you to your dream land.

I am sure you people are quite familiar with Italy, a place renowned for its fine olive oil, delectable pasta, wine, pleasant sunshine, elaborate legendary marvels hailing to the Roman era and Renaissance castles, and many more. These characteristics of Italy are alone sufficient to tempt and bring upon throngs of tourists, however do you know that there is much more to this applauded list. Yeah, it’s true, don’t believe me? Then, come along with me in the lands of Italy, oh… I mean islands of Italy.

True, the wondrous islands of Italy can leave in a mesmerized state by offering enthralling activities, afforded by the entire Italy. Indulging in spectacular beaches, adventurous activities like snorkeling and diving, glimpsing the ancient remnants, tasting the splendid delicacies of Italy, or doing nothing…. You can participate in a wide-ranging set of activities depending on your tastes and preferences. So, instead of spending half of your vacation period in an airplane, for visiting Mediterranean islands, Caribbean islands, or the South Pacific islands? Try out something new, gear yourself in full swing to visit the off-the-beaten-track of Italy. Let’s get ahead and check some of the most exciting spots.

Sicilian Islands

Sicily in itself is a large island, as it is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Even, the smaller islands lying around its fringes are regarded as part of Sicily, make sure you round them in your touring map, if you visit here.

  • The Aegadian Islands (Isole Egadi) – Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo
    Tucked at the Northwest Coast of Sicily, the Aegadian Islands comprises of a set of group of small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Three of the islands namely Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, are accessible via boat from Trapani or Marsala. All these are an ideal spot for enjoying and relaxing in a day’s visit, however it’s a suggestion to visit them one spot per day. Each of the islands possesses exquisite charm and fascinating Aegadian Islandstemptations that have the potential to make your day great. However, you people will certainly lose your heart at any one island, which can come out being your favorite.

    Introducing you to some of the lovely traits about these places that hit me hard, coming to Favignana- it is one of the largest islands and shelters as low as 4300 inhabitants. It makes a fine blend of vibrant piazze and remote rural streets that afford captivating views. Levanzo, it certainly possesses some different extraordinary characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. After you step in this land, the bizarre charm makes its presence felt and makes the tourists realize that they have landed in an altogether new place. For instance: if you decide to head to the Paleolithic Grotta del Genovese, you will cross island’s inhabited area without even a single blink as this island houses one tenth of Favignana’s populace. Levanzo offers something for everyone, if you are a kind of person who loves to be in and around nature, then you can meander comfortably in the scenic beauty, without being distracted from the large human crowds. Or if relaxing beneath the warmth rays of sun emulates your style, then you can comfortably head to the two bars.Adventure-freaks should certainly check out Marettimo, it’s a fun place offering great exciting activities for boaters, divers, hikers and other such sporty activities. Despite of being located at the far end from the other islands, Marettimo is the best one as it takes for a visit to the adventurous twisting and twirling roller coaster ride. Mark this island as a ‘must-visit’ spot in your list. Explore this island by catching a boat ride; it is the best way for discovering varied facets of Marettimo. Don’t worry, you can rent one even after your arrival, it’s very easy here. Even, if you don’t want to take a boat ride, you can stroll alongside the calm and peaceful beaches, the tremendous amount of serenity it imbibes in an individual is simply out of the world, all this can make one forget world’s tension. And one more striking feature worth noticing is that, this is the sole spot of Italy which possesses just one souvenir shop. Don’t forget to collect your memorable mementos from here. For checking the schedules and fares, move to the port at Ustica Lines.

Archipelago of Tuscany

The moment anyone gives tongue to Tuscan, everyone around falls in rapture reminiscing the stunning rolling hills and beautiful vineyards. God’s divine creation Tuscan, affords lots more apart from these outstanding beauties. As it’s western edges are formed by the Mediterranean Sea, stunning string of islands line up there. So guys, deviate from the regular route to catch up tremendous fun and excitement in the archipelagos of Tuscan. Believe me, the moments spend here will stay as the most cherished memories for your lifetime.

  • The Aeolian Islands- Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Basiluzzo
    Aeolian IslandsDating its existence back to 4000 BC, this string of islands is still full of oomph and on the go. Reaching there is not a perturbing issue as it is easily accessible through hydrofoils from Milazzo in Sicily. After reaching there, the only thing one can relish is the peaceful serenity sprawling in the extensive beaches. So, if soothing the senses in calm ambiance matches your style, then head to these islands. Procida Lipari is the biggest and bestows great accommodation facilities; therefore start your journey from here onwards as it makes a good starter base for exploring the rest of the islands. Vulcano boasts luxurious and soothing natural atmosphere. People who have a liking for spas can indulge in its sulfuric mud baths. But before you get in, remember that they are natural baths and not precisely 5 star hotels. If you are an individual desiring luxuries and all the extravagant comforts, then head to Panarea. It is the spot where influential set of people can indulge in there whims and fantasies. This location makes a good start as well a good stop as its lively nightlife is too rocking. Remaining string of islands are less crowded and make a pleasant day trip. They present pleasant natural beauty and beautiful landscapes, which are good for hiking and boat trips. Even, finding accommodation in these islands may be a tough task, however you can reside at private homes.
  • Elba
    Elba is popular as an expelled home to Napoleon Bonaparte. Portoferraio shelters the house he resided in; today the house is open for public viewing, so you can have a glance at his lifestyle and way of living. Apart from the remnants, there are profuse exciting spots that can transform your holidaying into fun and frivolous days. The island is loaded with abundant hotels, restaurants, and fascinating sceneries, isn’t these many fantasies enough for making your trip a delighting retreat.
  • Capraia and Giglio
    Other islands of Tuscan also make a nice weekend getaway, as they are colonized by merely few hundreds of Giglio islandinhabitants. There is a separate island in the entire archipelago known as Gorgona, which is concentrated only by prisoners. Getting here is strictly denied. However both Capraia and Giglio are adequate for indulging in vivacious activities. Both offer lots of amusement and delight in sandy beaches and fine food. In fact, it affords top-notch diving and is renowned as world capital of anchovy industry. Also, it is lined up by a string of welcoming hotels and restaurants. So, stepping here means fun, relaxation and warmth.


Tracing its sandwiched mark in the map of Mediterranean region, people astonishingly mark out the odd location of not one but two islands clustered together in the middle of the sea. To its North lies the Corsica that is under the control of French and also the birthplace of legendary persona Napoleon Bonaparte. To the south is Sardinia, accessible through a short flight from Rome or nightlong ferry ride from Civitavecchia, as it is situated at an hour distance to the North of Rome.

  • Sardinia
    Sardinia islandThe second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily, Sardinia is granted a regional autonomous status by the Italian constitution. Flaunting its magnificent scenic beauty with its white-sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and diverse culture for those who love the ‘Mainland’ image of Italian isthmus, Sardinia will swoon your senses. The spectacular beauty reclining on its island leaves one awe-struck. To its south is located its capital city of Cagliari, an idyllic haven deserving frequent visits. Truly, the abundant legendary spots and sprawling ecstatic beach, accessible through the city center are sure to take your breath away as mine. The fun activities proffered include swimming and boating, all these are sure to keep anyone busy. Even the lip-smacking delicacies and desserts will leave one’s tongue dripping.Next is the very distinct and unusual Sassari that is located in the Southern Cagliari. Contrasting its location mainly because of Corsican influences, it is an ideal tourist destination. Popular amidst throngs of tourists because of the picturesque coastal line, it offers divine views of the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda). This trait allures sun worshippers from allover the world. Apart from these, the site offers varied range of things to do and see, each one of which is worth doing. Even, the accommodation line is feasible serving every sections needs and desires.
  • Asinara, Sant’Antioco, La Maddalena
    Alike Sicily and Sardinia which possess there own islands that are dedicated especially to the tourists for indulging in fun and delight, similar is Maddalena archipelago. Located upwards to the North of the Emerald Coast, La Maddalena stands proudly as the main island. Moving towards the Sardinian coastal line about more than a mile, are its popular beaches namely Cala Francese and Bassa Trinita. Both offer great amount of fun and lively activities, which is why they tend to become favorites of both locals and tourists from abroad.Off the northern coast lies the world-renowned island of Asinara. It boasts eye-catchy delights like the Caribbean blue waters and an unusual surprise of albino donkeys. According to conviction, it is believed that the island earned its name from these donkeys. Can’t predict how much true it is, however this is sure that the island served as a home to maximum security prisons and small quarantine units. Today, this spot has marked its name in the illustrious United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. Also, it is regarded as one of the best national parks in the whole Italy.   Moving downwards to the south, one comes across Sant’Antioco. It is located nearby Cagliari, so one can make here easily by catching a short drive. Make sure you visit here as the spot is picture-perfect as well effervescent for indulging in your favorite activities. The magnificent string of beaches and reefs bestowed for snorkeling are sure to keep one’s active senses busy.

Bay of Naples

Step in the mind-blowing land of Naples, and the first and last thing you definitely need to do is catch a traghetto ride. Catching the amazing traghetto ride will leave your jaws dropping as it is kind of a soothing experience that cannot be described in words. Steer your trip towards Capri and experience the incredible feeling yourself. However don’t make mistakes of stepping in it during rains; perhaps if commit these mistakes, then you are more likely of finding yourself jumbling alongside with clusters of tourists. And that experience is terribly not happening.

Besides the pleasant traghetto ride, there is another surprise keenly waiting for tourists. The Bay of Naples proffers two different islands, and most of the tourist crowds are unfamiliar with this. Both the islands offer pleasant ambiance making it an enchanting spot for strolling. The islands also feature scenic views and lip-smacking delicacies, that too without the hindrance of burbling noises of large tourist crowds. Don’t miss the mesmerizing trip on cruise ships.Ischia island

  • Ischia
    Ischia is a lovely retreat emulating the standards of Capri, or even better than that because all of them are provided at half the cost. This island flaunts exciting string of beaches, abundant set of hotels and restaurants and thermal hot springs that erupt from its volcanic center. The striking tourist attractions here include the majestic Aragonese Castle and the plush Gardens of La Martella. Both formulate beautiful fantasies for the eye-sight, so mark them as must-see in your list as they are worth visiting.
  • Procida
    Procida islandFeatured in the famous movies of I1 Postino and The Talented Mr. Ripley, Procida is a paragon for exotic hideaways. One of the most tranquil and least crowded beaches of the Naples Bay Islands, Procida is a pleasant seashore beach. It presents vivid and vibrant beaches that are enthusiastic but not beyond the limits i.e. they are not over-enthusiastic. So, while you are relishing any local delicacy sitting alongside the shores, at the same time cherish the sounds of gentle waves.
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