Piazza del Campo: A Magnificent Public Square

Siena’s history centers on Piazza del Campo. It is popularly known as ‘il Campo’ by the local inhabitants. Piazzo del Campo served as the site for traditional games organized by the Sienese. Later, the games were held at Palio. Piazza del Campo is also the site for traditional markets.

Piazza del Campo has been home to prominent individuals, who have contributed to the region’s rich history. Santa Caterina is one of them. He was a mystic saint that had a deep link to Siena’s image. Piazza del Campo has been home to artists, including Simone Martini and Jacopo della Quercia.

Piazza del Campo Siena is a unique region in the world. The ground’s conformation has transformed the square into a huge conclave shell. The paving comprises of red bricks. The bricks are arranged into a traditional fishbone style. The structure is divided into a pattern of sunburst. Nine strips of travertine are responsible for this. Piazza del Campo was built in memory of Government of Nine, who ruled the city up to AD 1355.

Fonte Gaia has exquisite white marble. It is a striking feature of the paving. Fonte Gaia is a masterpiece created by Jacopo della Quercia. A copy has replaced the original structure. Palazzo Comunale serves as the town hall. It is constructed on the square’s lowest part. Torre del Mangia is a tall, thin structure that adorns the skyline. It reaches an astonishing height of 102 meters.

Chapel of the Virgin, also known as Chapel of the Square, lies at the base of Piazza del Campo. The Sienese constructed it following the outbreak of plague in 1348. The chapel is surrounded by wonderful façades of Palazzi Signorili, which is owned by some of the wealthiest families in Italy, including Sansedoni, Piccolomini, and Saracini.

Piazza del Campo was constructed in the thirteenth century. The site for the Piazza was utilized for markets and fairs. Prominent streets dissected the region. The piazza had the ability to hold the entire population of Siena. The piazza held important events and tournaments. Bull and buffalo races were also held here. Nearly every historical event has been held at the Piazza del Campo. During the Medici period, Siena came under the direct control of Firenze di Cosimo I de’Medici.

Piazza del Campo has been a popular meeting place for the Sienese. It is home to a world-renowned festival called Palio of Siena. The festival is held twice a year: July 2nd and August 16th. The festival brings to mind the city’s wonderful past. The festival does not belong to folklore. It brings Siena to life, filling the squares, windows, and balconies with huge crowds.

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