Phuket Phever and Phantacies

Asia – the land of many cultures, beautiful places, religions and traditions and gastronomic affairs and adventure and so so much more uunravels another great holiday vacation for the true-blue traveler. Nested in the southern part of Thailand, Phuket is one of the most favorite and pulsating island destinations in the whole of South East Asia. Boasting amazing sandy beaches with a favorable tropical climate, what place could be better for the serious sun-soakers than this paradise of a place? The picturesque scenery is simply awe-inspiring that may even miss you your heartbeat for a second.

Phuket island

However, even though being an island destination, getting to Phuket is not at all complicated courtesy the two links that connect Phuket with the mainland. The best way to reach is either by flight to the Phuket International Airport, or even the many ferry rides that take visitors to and fro from the mainland to the island, can be taken resort of. Owing to the scenic splendors of Phuket and its rising popularity from the point of travel and tourism, a number of plush to moderate hotels and resorts can be found which offer spectacular sea-front views and other options as per the choice and budget of the traveler.

Vacationing in Phuket undeniably means that the holiday is going to be an all sun-sand-surf affair, just basking under the sun and stirring your aqua buds. However, it is advisable that instead of flocking away to the usual bustled spots which are concentrated around the area of Patong, it is the rather isolated and less crowded places which are likely to turn your vacation into a dream one. Amidst all the bounty of nature, to find yourself all alone relishing the goodness of nature can comprise some part of the vacation for an absolute getaway from the general monotony of life.

While your vacation continues on the Islands of Phuket, those who prefer to travel sans any commercial intrusion and in all solace can consider taking out some time from their agenda to make way towards the Phang Nga Bay. This place is best for taking a dip in the marine world and experiencing their habitat. The many snorkeling activities offered on the beach, can be used by the visitor to add a little zing in their vacation. After snorkeling into the sea, its time for a supper under the sun, after which one can take up one of the guided tours conducted by the local service providers. On any given day, the guided tour will most definitely include a visit to the James Bond Island. The name derives its relevance by the place serving as a shooting spot for some of the scenes from the movie of The Man with the Golden Sun.

Phuket island snorkeling

After experiencing the splendid suns of Phuket, the usual way to transcend your trip ahead is by making a visiting to the Island of Phi Phi. The Phi Phi islands not only sound weird but make for an excellent destination filled with the beauty that will entice the traveler. Over here, the movie buff will not be able to keep away from popping each time saying – ‘Oh, this was the place in that particular scene’ time and again. Yes, these Phi Phi Islands have been a much revered destination for many film makers. So, keep the movie memories intervening as your vacation progresses. However, wondering how to get to Phi Phi Islands? It is not at all difficult to reach these islands, as thy are only about forty-five minutes away from the former Phuket Islands.

Phi Phi islands

The Phi Phi islands boast pristine beaches with golden sands and extremely rough mountain ranges. Also, a lot of guided tours are conducted on these islands, including a cruise in the waters along with a rock-climbing activity for the outdoor adventurer.

Phi Phi islands rock-climbing

Also, don’t forget to tread along the Sea Gypsy Island which makes for another famous tourist destination. This place is especially looked forward to when it comes to buying souvenirs to take back home. There’s also a village in the area which is constructed on stilts. It becomes an awesome experience to see how the whole village is made up of houses on these bamboo stilts. During afternoon, the place is bustled with too many people which makes the place seem greatly commercial, however, to relish the authentic spirit of Phuket, visit the island during less crowded hours.

The highlight of the vacation is undoubtedly the many marine activities one can indulge in, regardless of the fact that whether you are an amateur or a first timer, the place enthralls one and all hitting the shores of the wonderful Island of Phuket.

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  1. Ziang Chang says:

    We were at Phuket in the early October,so we had the added bonus of witnessing Vegetarian festivals along with the marvelous beaches and islands..The festival spans 9 days long..the first 9 days of the lunar moon..This is essentially a Taoist festival..Nonetheless, everybody is entitled to participate in the festivities..The entire town is decorated with yellow flags and people dress up in white clothes..Devotees pierce their bodies with metal rods and anything possible..Streets are lined with prayer table smostly in front of big shopping complexes or commercial buildings..The Ban Niao temple hosts the city’s main prayer event..The highlight is the chariot proceeding towards the sea on the last day..All along the way, people join the procession and throw fire crackers at tha chariot riders above them..It is crazy and deafening , so be prepared to carry ear plugs and avoid th efront row for being in the procession…

  2. Suzzie Rake says:

    We spent our second honeymoon in Phuket and got more than we asked for..It was a dream come true..The landscape is heavenly..the soft white sand,palm trees, azure sea waters, the warm and friendly people …everything was just soo perfect here…It is most important to know that everything in Thailand is inexpensive and negotiable..You can negotiate even your trip at tourist agency or the food that you have there..Phang Nga Bay is unmissable where an old James Bond movie was filmed…

    Have a great holiday!

  3. Truce Whitter says:

    Phuket beaches and islands are nature’s wonders…They are undoubtedly a must see..A popular tourist location has made it crowded..But if you go during’ll be thoroughly enjoying the sunshine, breeze, sand and the sea!

    Keep posting! :-)

  4. Queeny Bluewaters says:

    Nice post and pictures!
    Reminded me of the gala time I had here with my boyfriend and his family..Thanks :-)

  5. Sandra Fuller says:

    Yeah,We were there during the Vegetarian Festival and had a great time here!..We had joined the procession and threw crackers at the charioteers and yeah we had ear plugs on as it was really deafening!

  6. Samantha Jones says:

    Great informative blog…

    I found it on google…

    I’ll refer to your pages in the future too..

    Thanks! :-)

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