Pathiramanal Tours in Kerala Attractions

It is a wonderful feeling to be in God’s own country Kerala, and it is an even more wonderful feeling to experience the pleasures of the most pristine locales in this state. Pathiramanal in the state of Kerala is one such place where you would certainly love to be ensconced in a surrounding of the best sights of fauna and the most wonderful plethora of flora.

So come home to an amalgamation of the rarest of avifauna and the most spectacular species of migratory birds. So if you are traveling to Kerala and want to have a good ecotour then do head towards Pathiramanal and enjoy the lovely experience here. Nestled between Thaneermukkom and Kumarakom this is an enchanting region that is accessed only by boat.



The Pathiramanal Island also called the Anantha Padmanabha Thoppu was bought by Mr. ACA Anthraper and was owned privately till the seventies. In the year 1979, there was a Land reforms Act  which brought all the private ownerships under the state property. The island thus came with the Government and then was transferred to the Tourism Department. The Pathiramal region is around 28.5050 ha. It is around a kilometre and a half from the Muhamma boat jetty. Kumarakom is around four kilometers from here.

Pathiramanal Island

It is believed that this island was actually created by a young Brahmin who had drowned into the lake while performing ablution.

Getting There

Pathiramanal is easily accessed from Alappuzha which is the nearest railway station. Cochin is the nearest airport and is around 85 km from Alappuzha.

The Island

Pathiramanal means midnight sand. This is a picturesque place located on the banks of the Lake Vembanad and is a lovely land of scenic delights and travel pleasures. So get ready to enjoy the best cruises on backwaters and also the most cherishable adventure rides on this land of fun, excitement and thrill. This is a wonderland of pleasures so all those who visit Kerala should put Pathiramanal on their itinerary. For those avid avifauna enthusiasts, this is a hub of birds and so they would get the best sights of the most exotic birds here.

Lake Vembanad

Visit the Panachikad and Nattakom reservoirs and get enthralled by the lovely visual delights that you would be subjected to here. Kerala is in itself a land of greens and with a beautiful paradise like Pathiramanal in your travel tours, you would only have the best sights of glory and travel luxury.


This small village island is a great rejuvenation spot and an ideal relaxation zone to melt away all your blues. So get relieved with the ideal stress buster here in the land of Ayurvedic massages and sizzling adventures. The sun on the island would relax your tired muscles and tourists who want a little excitement can enjoy boating and fishing. Swimming is a regular activity here and the boat rides are the favourite. So tourists love to enjoy these rides from Kodoorar to Kumarakom and feel the beauty of the surroundings seep into their travel experiences.

Bird Watching

With the best sights of the surroundings, and an ideal getaway spot ,this uninhabited island has some of the best migratory birds visiting this region. More than 91 species of birds are found here and these include the pintail ducks, the common teal, the Indian Pond Heron, the whistling duck, the purple heron, the cormorant, the gulls, terns, intermediate egret, Indian shag, Little Cormorant, the pheasant tailed, little egret, stork billed kingfisher and the monarch flycatcher.

Indian Pond Heron

Pathiramanal in Kerala tours is an intriguing and interesting place to be in.

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