Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Why is Kerala called God’s Own Country? Well, if you have been there you would know why, and if you haven’t been there then make it a point to go there to know why. While you are in the pristine surroundings of God’s blessings, here, in Kerala, you would encounter some of the best wildlife zones in this part of the world. The Parambikulam wildlife Sanctuary is one of these discoveries of travel in Kerala.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Set amidst the luscious green surroundings of the Nelliampathy hills in Kerala and the Annamalai Hills of Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary gives you the best diversity of flora and fauna. Spanning over an area of 285square kilometers, this wildlife haven is a living paradise with the innumerable streams gurgling by and the undulating terrain only contributing to the already existent beauty.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

With the densely forested zones of the Kannimara teak plantations, the other vegetation here include the bamboos, sandalwoods and the rosewood trees which so dominate the whole area. This is the land of the Muthuvas, Malayars and the Kudos tribal areas so these tribes inhabit this area and you would come across them in one of your travails.

Kannimara teak

The fauna includes animals like the Indian bisons, sambars, gaurs, the elephants, the wild boars, the Nilgiri Tahr, the leopards, the sloth bears, the bonnet macaques, and many such diversity of wild animals. Then there are the reptiles like the turtles, the crocodiles, the vipers, the cobras and the Kraits.

Parambikulam wildlife Sanctuary is a literal paradise for all bird lovers. This has some of the best avifauna species which include the Malabar Gray Hornbill, the Ceylon Frogmouths, the Rose billed Rollers, the little cormorants, the rose winged parakeet, the herons, the eagles, the mynahs, the gray jungle fowls and the darters.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

There are boat cruises here in the Parambikulam reservoir which take you around the ParambikulamWildlife Sanctuary and which give you ideal travel experiences. The two watch towers Zungam and Anappadi provide you the pleasures of looking into the dense wilderness of the entire area.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Parambikulam wildlife Sanctuary is easily accessible by rail, road and air. Coimbatore is the nearest airport and Pollachi the nearest railhead.

This reservoir of verdant beauty is a beautiful zone drained by many rivers like the Thekkady, Sholayar and the Parambikulam. This is the place where the finest quality of teak is obtained. The largest teak tree the Kannimara teak tree is found here and what we find today are new teak plantations. The original ones have been replaced. But the Kannimara tree is around 5 km from Thunakadavu and is one of the important tourist attractions in Parambikulam.

Kannimara teak tree

This wildlife sanctuary is open all through the year but the monsoon is best avoided here as it makes the entire area very slushy and the hillsides get a little unstable and cause lot of discomfort to tourists. Mosquitoes thrive during this time so it is unsafe for tourists.

There is a forest department state governed rest house here in Electrode, Helical and Thoonakkavadu, which provide lodging facilities. However if you want to enjoy the pleasures of living in a tree house you have to ensure that you make the bookings in advance.

With such virgin ambience and idyllic surroundings, the wildlife sanctuary at Parambikulam gives the tourists an opportunity to get the best of flora and fauna. Such areas in India are what make the entire tour here a greatly memorable experience and an immensely enriching travel.

So head towards Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy the travel pleasures of being in God’ own country Kerala.

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