Pangong – The Ladakh way of Getting Amazed

Ever wanted to be amazed in excitement or in travel? Destination India gives you this and more. Feel amazingly dizzy at great heights and with heights of adventure. As high as 14,000 and above feet you can reach a place which is partly in Tibet and partly in India. This scenic extravaganza is a must visit for those who seek to be amazed in their destinations and get sucked into their own plans.

Ladakh – The land of quiet beauty and silent charm is also the land of the Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake, which lies in the stretch of Himalayan ranges and is an endorheic lake. Ladakhan charm exudes out of the lake as the saline waters of the lake are seen to completely freeze during winter.

Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Situated in Ladakh, this lake is gaining a lot of importance internationally as this region is being found to be a great wetland zone. Soon this area would be the first ever trans boundary region of wetland in the Southern part of the Continent of Asia.

Pangong Lake
in spite of its beauty is also in a disputed territory – The line of control passing through this beautiful water mass. Shared by China, India and Tibet, the China portion is supervised by India. One should surely visit this place for its absolute virgin look and the serenity here is the ideal getaway spot for a tired soul.

The Khurnak fort near the lake is also important but today it is controlled by China. Witness to wars between India and China, the lake has brackish water and very little vegetation. Aquatic life is rare here just for a few crustaceans. But the beautiful ducks and the majestic gulls are a certain feast for the photographer and the nature lover. Besides we do find a good amount of herbs and marshes that grow throughout the year in this land of blue calm in Ladakh.

Migratory birds like the Brahmini duck and the Bar headed goose find Pangong a regular favourite and are seen headed towards this pristine blue zone. Wild animals like the Marmot and kiang are a common feature here.

Migratory birds at Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake in Ladakh was earlier fed by the Shyok River, an offshoot of the River Indus. Geographical reports show how the vast mass of water of earlier days has shrunk to the size it is today.

Shyok River

Pangong is around 5 hours from the city of Leh and has an adventurous terrain stretch. Passing the Changla Pass, and the villages of Gya and Shey, we can see the army here protecting the region as we drive through. The Crazy Stream or Paagal Naala is seen as we pass through. A famous tourist spot, the Pangong Lake is open in the months of May to September.

Paagal Naala

It is required to take a permit to visit the Pangong Lake and it is sad that boating facilities aren’t allowed here for security reasons.

Thus with its bluish green waters and pristine locales, Pangong Lake is really an amazing destination.

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