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With the most fascinating surroundings and the ideal travel delights, Kerala is a great paradise for all journey lovers. So come to the land of God’s own country and enjoy the pleasures of being in a virgin ambience. Located between the districts of Idukki and the state of Tamil Nadu, this is an ideal getaway spot for all the people living in and around this part of the world.

Come to Pandikuzhi village, that is located in the state of Kerala and experience the pleasures of being in the best locales of Kerala. This is a great zone for fantastic escapades and great romantic pleasures. With the most enthralling picturesque surroundings the village of Kerala, is situated around 5 km from the region of Thekkady and is around 4.5 km from the town of Kumily. Any tour to Pandikuzhi is not without its share of visual delight as it is located in the pristine zone of the state of Kerala. With the best plethora of flora and fauna, this is a place with the best kinds of rivulets, and the most enthralling waterfall and has the presence of the warmest friendly villagers.

So if you want to find yourself ensconced in the surrounding of the most enchanting tour delights with the best and the calmest environs, then come to explore this lovely land in the land of Kerala, Pandikuzhi. Tours to this region would be the perfect antidote to stress and is a tour lover’s paradise. With the convenient bus services that are given to the tourists from Kumily to Kattapana, the journey here is a total delight for all. So come here and get enchanted by the lovely ambience of the region and relax in the lap of Mother Nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.

Tourists love to get surrounded by the adventurous surrounding here and take part in all the mountain, and trekking activities. Climbing is another activity here that is preferred by many adventure tourists. Amidst the pristine ambience and the loveliest surroundings, the romantic experience here is a great feeling and all the tourists coming here get the best travel pleasures. This is an ideal picnic locale and a great adventure destination in this part of the world. The cascading sights of the best waterfalls here is the added delight. The way the waterfall that comes down a height of around 1,200 feet is a wonderfully fascinating experience for all. With the cover of the most beautiful flora and the beautiful presence of fauna, the whole experience of being in this land of fun and excitement, is a worthwhile travel delight. There are beautiful streams dotting the place and the whole feeling of being in a totally pristine locale is what makes a visit to this place a great experience.

Pandikuzhi trekking

How to reach

With the nearest airport at Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu and also the Cochin International Airport, Pandikuzhi is a lovely spot to be in. The nearest railway station is in Theni which is around 60 km from here.

With the best sights of picturesque surroundings and the most exotic flora and fauna, the vales and the mountains here give you the best travel delights. With the streams gurgling down the region and the lovely villages dotting the region, the place is a great spot for trekking and is a photographers’ paradise.

A perfect weekend destination which is in between the best surroundings, this is a place where you get the best travel experience. Pandikuzhi is famous for a variety of plants and animals. With the landscape being another visual delight this quaint locale in this part of the state of Kerala is a great experience for all who want to enjoy the best of everything in life. The Guddalloor Area of Tamil Nadu is a place where you get the best vies of the waterfalls.

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