Going the Orlando Way – OH YES, BIG YES

An ideal holiday destination is one where everyone from great grandson to great grandfather can find amusement and entertainment as per their requirements and tastes. Based on this criteria Orlando in Florida stands out as the perfect holiday destination for the entire family.

Orlando is easily accessible both by air and also by train. While by air you are whisked away to Orlando from any leading airport in US, and most airports in Europe in practically no time, the train journey along the East coast of USA straddles exciting cities and panoramic views in special tourist trains with glass domed roofs and large windows.

Once there entertainment is the keyword and you are subjected to various pulls and pressures to enjoy all what Florida has to offer! A holiday in this region should not be a rushed affair, rather it should be taken in a relaxed way with plenty of time so that justice can be done to the unique sights and sounds of the region. Pride of place in all the holiday destinations is easily the massive empire of Disneyworld. This has many sections like EPCOT Center, Disneyworld and Disney Resorts. All conceivable and inconceivable rides, shows, and displays greet you on every step. EPCOT was a unique venture based on the concept of what ‘Electronic Prototype Community of Tomorrow’ would be like. Other attractions in the region include Sea World, Wet-and-Wild, Gatorland and of course the John F. Kennedy Space Center that we all commonly know by the name of NASA.

John F. Kennedy Space Center

If you are lucky you can watch the launch of a space shuttle or a discovery rocket from the shore near NASA. Other areas of interest in the region include the lush Busch Gardens inviting one and many, St. Augustine with its museum of Salvador Dali and its surrealistic paintings and sculptures that leave visitors awe-struck and jaw-dropped.

While all these are essentially day time visits, there is no shortage of places to be visited in the evening that electrify the beauty of Florida. Of these Church Street Station is the highpoint for dining and entertainment where it is the norm and not the exception to find people in funky outfits and hairstyles. The old railway station now no longer in service is a modern shopping complex where one can get the appetite for souvenirs and handicrafts.

Church Street Station

This place exemplifies the true shopping experience for the ones who have a weakness for splurging.

Evening entertainment is provided by a number of medieval displays and some of the most amazing restaurants or eating joints, of which The Train can be singled out by rail enthusiasts who wish that they could hear the whistle blow and see the chugging of the engine. The area abounds in many lakes and water bodies where one can seek refuge for relaxed and leisurely holiday experience far off from the hustle and bustle of the city sounds.

After visiting Orlando one realizes the absolute need for the two bag rule for all airlines to and from the USA. For, what will be a holiday to the USA if one has to come back with just the miserly twenty kilo baggage and constant nagging fear of excess baggage charges which can ruin an otherwise perfect holiday.

Top Quick-Pick of all that Orlando has for your entire Family

Going the Walt Disney Way:
Mickey Mouse has been and still is very much the charm among kids and their parents’ who have grown up watching Disney Cartoons. Disney Spanned over a piece of land as great in expanse as nearly the whole of Boston are four very vibrant theme parks which are Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and lastly Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is a delight among the kids. There are also two water parks which provide an exciting time to be remembered for a lifetime.

Mickey Mouse

The All So Exciting Disney World:
No, Disney World is not only about exciting rides. There is much much more to the place. Visitors can spectacle the march or the parades at any time across all theme parks. The special one deserving a mention is the evening parade in the theme park of Magic Kingdom. The fireworks, live performances at the many shows all abuzz the theme parks as the sun sets down and Orlando glitters under the magnificent sky.

Disney World parades

Eating at the CityWalk Theme Restaurant:
CityWalk provides an access between two theme parks is itself a great center for shopping and entertainment activities. Well flocked by happy souls and party lovers, the place is well enjoyed by children by the presence of many theme restaurants. There is the Hard Rock Café, Nescar Café that also boasts a gaming reserve. At the NBA City kids can enjoy the video games and watch basketball on the large panels.

The fun quotient at Disney ceases to get over and one has a wide range of activities to look for from other great attractions like the Disney World Water Parks, Universal Studios, World of Harry Potter, Downtown Disney, also La Nouba, Orlando Christams, Discovery Cove and so much more. The list just goes, and does the fun!

Universal Studios

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