Of monasteries and treks in Ladakh tourism

Come to the land of beautiful scenes and mystical surroundings. Come to Ladakh and enjoy Ladakh tourism. This is the place where you can get the best rugged mountains to experience. Come here and get spiritual in the monasteries which are a regular feature of this place. Explore the place and enjoy the ambience of the monasteries and get enchanted with the lovely nuances that you get to see in the life of the monks here in the red robes.

As a trekker also enjoys the adventure that Ladakh tourism gives you. Visit the beautiful Ladakh villages and get finely tuned with the small kinds here and enjoy the day to day life of the villagers. Far away from the humdrum of city life you would surely enjoy these little villages of the “Little Tibet” and find this a much more soulful experience than anything you would have done before.


While in the valley of Ladakh, the monasteries are the ones which give you considerable pleasure and travel experience. There are Buddhist monasteries, which are found in and around this place. This is the main centre where religion and worship and practices in a very spiritual way. There are lot of people who have found a kind of tranquility and calm here. The beauty of the place is very enthralling and this is a great place to visit. The scenic beauty here is the ideal surrounding and people come here just to enjoy this. This is where isolation and tranquility is best. The valley of Ladakh is the best place for Ladakh tourism and the entire place looks extremely heavenly and the monasteries that dot the place give you the best relief feeling. These monasteries give the best ideal of the schools of Buddhism here and the beautiful scenic places just complement the great feeling that Ladakh tourism gives a tourist.

Valley of Ladakh

These monasteries have the best of Buddhist relics besides the sculptures, thankas, scriptures and murals. There are many isolated regions of Ladakh which are the best recreation sport as they provide good relaxation. The air of calm and the beauty of the tranquil zones rest your tiredness and fatigue and the Buddhist monastery is certainly a must see spot for the people who are on a Ladakh tourism.

There are many Monasteries called Gompas. These Gompas are the place where Buddhist monks live. The nuns also live here. They live here and they learn about their religion. These beautiful monasteries that have the best locations are atop hills and mountains and thus add scenic beauty to the spiritual mood.


The tourists who come here on Ladakh tourism ensure that they do not miss these beautiful monasteries that are so much a part of Ladakh. The architecture and the other collections here give the best sights and this is the reason many tourists love to come to these monasteries.

The Ladakh monasteries can be of the HInayana or the Mahayana sect which belong to Buddhism. The Kushak is the head Lama and a Kushak means reincarnation. The absolute flavor that the monasteries give Ladakh is seen to be believed. The entire region looks beautiful with these precariously positioned Gompas.

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