Nurturing Peerless Nature, Gabon – Part II

Tourist attractions

Eastern Gabon

Roaming in the lands of Eastern Gabon is certainly not an easy journey. Unlike South Africa or Kenya where you will find locals wandering around since the Union Jack swayed over the barracks, Eastern Gabon lies acutely over the tourism facade. However, those who will be ready to explore adventure and come up with great guts will surely experience off-the-ordinary adventure. Past 4 hours of train traveling towards the East of Libreville is located Reserve de la Lope. This reserve boasts an extraordinary collection of elephants, buffaloes, innumerable birds and the most popular amidst all is the mandrill’s colorful bottom.

Going more towards the East is the Ivindo National Park, which can loom as the flourishing eco-tourist destination of Gabon. It is a great spot which affords views of forest elephants and western lowland gorillas. Tourists can grab the opportunity of staying in the eco-camps. Towards the South lies Franceville, which is reputed to be the hugest town in the East. It serves as a great spot for acquiring supplies, before moving interiors of the canyon country of Bateke Plateau.

Ivindo National Park

Ivindo National Park

Ivindo National Park offers unique and out-of-the-ordinary opportunity for viewing remarkable sights. Langoue Bai, located in the dense tropical Ivindo National Park is the premier spots amidst entire Gabonese sites, as it bestows opportunity of viewing the forest animals in their wilderness, without even interrupting them. The ‘Bai’, a pygmy term used for clearing swamps in the forest caters as a great source of minerals for the animals. It works as a temptation for the massive numbers of elephants, western lowland gorillas, sitatunga, buffalo, monkeys and unusual bird species. The amenities built near the clearing such as WCF-erected research station and eco-camps facilitates for easy viewing of the wildlife.

There are ample comprehensive amenities rendered according to tourists’ convenience, and the good news above all is that they are designed especially to lower the human impact on the environment. Make sure that you do your home work properly, before embarking on journey because itinerary to Bai should be managed well before hand through travel agents of Libreville. To reach to the campsite, you need to move on two to three hiking, so be ready to face all the challenges, because after facing challenges, enthralling things are waiting for you.



Libreville is a dynamic site that pops out with loads of surprises. You can’t predivt what’s next? because at one site you will come across swanky lifestyle, whereas in the other- you will view utter chaos. Libreville is sure to give you time-to-time cultural shocks after you cross the way passing through the forests of Central Africa. While exploring the city, you will find string of hotels lined in the beaches, hotels and restaurants filled by European expats and colorful cars chasing down the avenues. Libreville is loaded with things you can’t imagine of; however the costs may dent your pockets.

Southern Gabon

The terrain of Southern Gabon encompasses the lower half of the country right from the Ogooue River, South to the Republic of Congo Border. The worthwhile sites worth visiting include the riverside town of Lambarene that shelters the hospital set up by impressive German humanitarian personality ‘Albert Schweitzer’ which is still operational. And, the coastal Loango National Park is the terrain’s major attractions. The national park offers great unusual sights of surfing hippos and huge elephants. Behold the sights of humpback and killer whales in off the coast waters.

Nurturing Peerless Nature, Gabon – Part I

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