Nurturing Peerless Nature, Gabon – Part I

While you may land in Gabon, you might find yourself welcomed by plenty of goats on the runway, elephants evaded from the forests taking a walk, or groups of celebrating spartanly painted dancers listening hundreds of years of old music. Past stepping in westernized Libreville, everything is very newly accessible that by itself it leaves with an out-of-the-ordinary feeling as if you have landed in altogether a new world. Possibly, if you head in Gabon carrying a 4WD, mechanic, a French dictionary and pots of money to splurge freely, than you are sure to gain the most adventurous fun, you might have never experienced before.

Discovering this land is however not a cakewalk. Throughout your journey, you will gather new experiences when you come across bouncy roads and incapable infrastructure development, and you will access the swanky capital city, Libreville in as low amount as 20 bucks. This country’s asset is the most fascinating facet of this African nation; you might get astonished by knowing it, its asset lies in its eco-tourism aspect which might mould it as the next futuristic eco-tourist destination. All thanks to mighty President El Hadj Omar Bongo’s assertion of 10% of land for national park. This noble declaration has shelved the shops of miners and loggers, and opened up doors for eco-tourists, conservationists and travelers. Everyone is very well aware of benefits of preserving the authentic natural beauty; it is because of this that one can come face-to-face with natural views.

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This compassionate venture has given way to enormous white-sand beaches, primate-filled tropical rainforests, rolling savannahs and estuaries. The most striking features include the stunning national parks of Loango National Park, placed on the Southern Gabon Coast which is renowned for surfing hippos. And another, Ivindo National Park located on the wilderness of Eastern Gabon is recognized for its own eco-camps and nurturing elephants and gorillas. Gabon serves as a great and enthusiastic spot for the nature and wildlife lovers as it shelters a vast collection of wild creatures humming in their natural environments. Also, there are exciting opportunities for adventure-enthusiasts as they can indulge in adventurous activities of trekking and hiking. So, come tour in this pristine land as it will take you to a visit back to the impeccable natural lands which weren’t spoilt by human influences.

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Places in and around

Loango National Park

Loango National Park is quite popular amidst tourists because of being the most diverse and sheltering a vast collection in the whole of Gabon. Wildlife-admirers will certainly get mesmerized after viewing the large and varied concentration of wildlife like various species of whales and dolphins, collection of rare land mammals strolling in savannah and huge elephants roaming in the white-sand beaches.

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Other worthwhile visiting spots include the Operation Loango, the sole show in the town located in the Northern end of the park. It is Gabon’s outstanding eco-tourism spot which utilizes tourists’ expenditure for funding the conservation programs. The current projects of crocodile, whale, turtle studies and gorilla habituation are there to keep busy whereas the lush eco-lodges and satellite camps hosts the tourists.

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