Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the southeastern portion of the Western Ghats, the Neyyar reservoir is a greatly navigable land that spreads over 9 square kilometer. With the best kind of vegetation that varies from wet grasslands to evergreen plantations, the whole area of this sanctuary is a greatly inhabited wildlife zone. This is the place where the River Neyyar drains and also has the rivers Kallar and Mullayar draining here.

The vegetation of the forests varies from grasslands to evergreen and it depends on the altitude here. This wildlife sanctuary is the place where there is a diversity of flora and fauna and where you would get the ideal natural surroundings.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

A perfect surrounding for all nature enthusiasts this is the place where wildlife lovers would find a great haven for their passionate pursuits. Enjoy the variety of wild animals here like the Nilgiri Tahrs, the sloth bears, the elephants, the sambars, the Indian porcupine, the barking deer, the tigers, the jungle cats, the lion tailed macaques, the nilgiri langurs, the wild boars, the vipers, the rat snakes, the pythons, the lizards, and the flying snakes. Also enjoy the variety of exotic birds like the kingfishers, the little green heron, the white breasted hen, the gray jungle fowl, the Indian cuckoos, the common mynas, the darters, the little egrets, the Brahminy kites, and the little cormorants.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the Lion safari park and enjoy the pristine surroundings of this place and see the lovely vegetation that is the main feature here. This pristine land with its most amazing grasslands is a place which is full of adventure and fun. With the wooded forests and the virgin hilly regions of this area, the place is enchanting with its safari tours and great adventure. This is the ideal area to be in when you are on an adventure travel to Kerala. This safari tour would take you around the place and help you to understand the wildlife of this area and feel the difference in this part of the world.

Lion safari park

See the diverse species of all kinds of avifauna that include the best of birds and give yourself the chance to enjoy hiking and trekking here in this virgin surroundings. All the adventure enthusiasts would enjoy this place with the ideal kind of excitement and thrill. The Lake Neyyar with its picturesque surroundings is a great scenic beauty and the place exudes a kind of charm that is so much a way of life here. The months of October to March are the best months to be here and provide you the ideal nature tour.

With such pristine surroundings and natural ambience, the Neyyar wildlife Sanctuary is a great place for all wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. With the ideal scenes for good photography any photographer would find this as an absolute paradise.

Neyyar wildlife Sanctuary

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