Mysterious Bhutan: The Kingdom of the Himalayas


The country of Bhutan is tucked away in the eastern Himalayas. It lies in between the Indian states of Assam to the south, West Bengal to the east, Sikkim to the west and the region of Tibet to the north.


The majestic Himalayas:

The kingdom of Bhutan is about the size of Switzerland and spans an area of 47,000 square kilometer. It is a land locked country which means it is bordered on all sides by other regions or landscapes. Bhutan is situated in the heart of the high Himalayan ranges. The population of the country is quite less.

Bhutan Himalayan holidays

Geographic wonder:

The higher Greater Himalayas can reach a height of 7,300 meters and is bordered to the north by the Tibetan plateau. The Himalayas in the south descend to form the valleys of the Lesser Himalayas which are separated by the rivers of Wang, Trongsa, Manas, Sunkosh. There are alpine forests to be found here in the higher altitudes and dense forests sprout thanks to the monsoons.

The entry to the enchanted land!

The majority of the people live in the foothills and the arable centrals regions of the Himalayas. From the Indian plains there are 18 points of entry into the south of Bhutan which are known as ‘Duars’ which mean doors or gates. In Bhutan aside from the Himalayas there are huge tracts of savannah grassland, semi-tropical forest and jungles of Bamboo.


Tourists visiting Bhutan must have a preplanned and prepaid tour package or custom planned travel program. The minimum tariff is $200 per day per person in the high season which includes accommodation, meals, sightseeing, guide, vehicle, and driver. Independent travel is not permitted.

These measures are taken to minimize and control the impact on the environment and culture. A minimum group of three tourists is encouraged while individual travelers are welcome but at a higher charge.


The natives of Bhutan are known as Drukpa. The drukpa people are divided into three ethnic groups of Sharchops, the Lhotsampas and the Ngalops. The Sharchops who are considered the earliest residents of Bhutan and they occupy the eastern region. Their origin is said to be from the people of northeast India and northern Burma.

The traditions of Buddhism were brought to the Kingdom by the Ngalops who came from the plains of Tibet. Lhotsampas are the people of Nepalese origin who cam here in search of work and agricultural land.

Bhutan Drukpa


The official language of the kingdom of Bhutan is Dzongkha. There are many different dialects existing today in the villages of Bhutan due to the geographic isolation of the villages. There has been no strict class system here. There is equality in educational and social opportunities which are not based on birth or rank. Even the women of the kingdom of Bhutan enjoy the same rights as the men of the region.

What to wear in Bhutan?

For centuries the people of Bhutan have been wearing the traditional clothing with pride and respect. It has helped keep the traditional values intact. A small belt known as the kera is worn around the waist while a long robe called gho is the traditional clothing of the men of the region.

Traditional patterns adorn the fine weave and brightly colored fabrics which forms the ankle high dress worn by the women which is known as the kira. The women wear necklaces which are styled by corals, turquoise, pearls and precious agate eye stones which are known as the dzi beads or more popularly as the tears of the god.

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  1. Gerry says:

    I loved the monasteries of bhutan..most of them are built of the mountain tops depicting a tiara over head.. the Taktsang monestry is beautifully built and a tour there filled me peace and serenity…

  2. Dennis says:

    @Gerry: I totally had the same experience as yours.. did u visit the school teaching the young lama’s about Buddhism..the young lamas chanting the mantra while spining the prayer wheels is a treat to eyes…

  3. Sharon says:

    it is a must for a traveler having interst in fashion is to get turquoise junk jewelery..and those are more subtle sorts can always buy a souvenir lik the praying wheels carved and etched with turquoise.. trust me you will get best deals when in bhutan…

  4. Andrew says:

    If one wants to experience the natural beauty of Bhutan to the max, then a bird trip or trekking on the himyan ranges is the way to go.. i went for one such bird trip, had to be up really for that,i saw the herons,the grebes, the cormorants and lots more of which i could remember the names and identify thanks to my amazing guide…

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