Top 5 most haunted castles in Europe

Irrespective of whether we like history or not, castles and palaces are among the most exciting sights that are adored on our vacation tour. This is certainly because of the giantess, unique location, style, architecture, facilities, and legends related to these castles and palaces. In this article, I am going to focus on the ‘legend’ aspect of some of the most famous castles and palaces. Specifically, this article will reveal to you some of the most haunted castles in Europe. Dare to explore it? Then, continue reading on…

The Tower of London

This is the most infamous castle in the world where for many centuries, blood-drenched battlements were witnessed. As a testimony to the tower’s wicked history, many personalities have been wandering here for 800 years making it among the most haunted castles in Europe. Some of them are St. Thomas Becket in 1241 who objected the expansion work, the beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn who was the second of the wives of King Henry VIII’s and is seen frequently today by the guardsmen, and the most frightening spirit of Margaret, Countess of Salisbury. During Margaret’s beheading, she screamed and struggled to run away from her guards through the yard causing the axe to miss three times. On the fourth hit, the axe cut half of her throat converting her screams into bloody gurgles, while the fifth drop killed Margaret completely. Today, this entire episode is reenacted by her spirit annually on that anniversary.

Hampton Court Palace

This is among the most haunted castles in Europe on the River Thames, which was the residence of the country’s popular monarchs. Known for playing a role in grand and wondrous accomplishments for the mankind, the palace also is popular for its darker side of political conspiracy as well as a multitude of human faults. Today, it is the venue of many paranormal events and bizarre ghostly sightings reported both by the visitors and staff alike. One of the more famous encounters here is with Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s fifth wife. She was among the two wives of Henry, who was beheaded for alleged adulterous acts and issues of moral character. When she was about to be beheaded, the guards seized her and drew her screaming and kicking via a long gallery that is today termed as ‘The Haunted Gallery.’ So, if you happen to be here, do not get frighten to experience unexplainable events.

Many have reported of an unexpected cold breeze as well as a feeling of someone right behind. Further, many have claimed to see a transparent apparition of a white lady and the inexplicable anguished screams. The security cameras in 2003 have captured an image in 15th or 16th century clothing but with no face opening a door that is always kept locked.

Windsor Castle

This is the most famous castle in England, but do you know that it is among the most haunted castles in Europe? Constructed in the 11th century, the castle is found to be spectral even today by the English royalty. One of the most ghostly encounters is of the spirit of the Princess Margartet with Charles I who was beheaded in the 17th century as well as Queen Elizabeth I, who died in the same century too. Another scarier apparition is of King George III who used to live here during the American Revolution and that he went mad here. Today, many have seen him several times in the castle library where he studies ancient books and murmurs “what, what” repeatedly.

Calvados Castle

Nestled in Normandy, this architectural marvel was erected in 1835 atop the ruins of an unknown edifice. It was during the three months from October 1875 to January 1876, the residents in the castle witnessed a prolonged and scary incidence of poltergeist spectacle. On the first night, they were frightened to see things flying around, knocks reverberating across the walls, and roaring bangs throughout the castle. Search started by the master and servants but nobody was found. Those thunderous bangs continued almost every night.

Culzean Castle

This one is in Turnberry of Ayrshire in Scotland erected in 1165 and inhabited first the Kennedys. Both the staff and visitors have endured a spectral piper playing before a Kennedy family marriage as well as on stormy nights. Further, a beautifully mysterious girl in evening gown is seen on the grounds, who is else visible in an empty corridor. If you were to pass through, a cold chill in the right side is experienced. One more ghost is of the princess killed in the Green Room and of Sir John Cathcart who kidnapped May Kennedy for murder but fortunately May pushed him off a cliff.

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