Monet garden: Pride of Giverny

Nestled at a distance of 50 miles from Paris, Monet garden in the Normandy’s Eure Department is among the most praised cottage gardens in the world. Designed by the internationally acclaimed French Impressionist painter Claude Monet, the garden in the Epte River valley is now 84 years old.

In the olden days, the landscape design of Europe was much influenced by art and literature. Monet was an expert in both landscape design as well as landscape painting. However, the Monet garden design was strongly influenced by the landscape painting. Today, the garden reveals this influence very well. Further, Monet always loved to paint in the open air and that too at different hours for revealing variation in light. Therefore, the Monet garden is a picture rather than a painting subject attracting several artists as well as photographers besides tourists.

This wonderful garden of color accord as well as discord in Giverny is actually split into two unique sections by a route – flower garden named as Clos Normand just before the house and a Japanese water garden. The two parts of Monet’s garden contrast and complement one another. A tunnel leads you through these sections. On one side of the route, look for the Monet’s quality pink house standing atop the garden. It is festooned with green shutters as well as red roses giving a feel of color contrast. The inside walls show off his hanging collection of prints in Japanese. Just in the facade, a profusion of color occupied by butterflies as well as bees expands until the wall.

Clos Normand is a section of colors as well as symmetries featuring flowerbeds of different heights, fruit trees, the long-stemmed hollyhocks, simplest flowers, and most rare varieties. The central alley boasts iron arches full of roses. On the other hand, the water garden is packed with curves as well as asymmetries. Look for the popular Japanese bridge layered with wisterias, more bridges, bamboo wood, weeping willows, and nympheas the blooming flower of summer.

The views from the tunnel are completely different. The elegantly eastern water-garden, its well-known willows, wisteria, and water-lilies seem to still wait for the stunning vision of the master to take them on the canvas. Just walk by the side of Monet’s celebrated and shallow water-lily ponds where their incredible light as well as shadow play indicates the source of inspiration of Monet for making memorable paintings.

At the visitor’s centre, do not forget to explore the good souvenirs of Monet. And yes, if you are a great fan of Monet, then you will love to visit the Musee Americain Giverny showing the historical relationship between the French as well as American artists over the 19th and 20th centuries.

Best time

April to October


Closed on Mondays and also during the winter – November to March

Admission fees

  • 5.50 Euros per adult
  • 4.00 Euros per student (Max Age: 25)
  • 3.00 Euros per child under 12 as well as for the disabled
  • No cost for those under 7

If you are coming here by train, then note that no train service runs up to the hamlet of Giverny. However, you can catch a train from Gare St. Lazare (Paris) whose last stop is Vernon. You will reach Vernon in 45 minutes. Giverny is then only 4 miles from here. At Vernon, catch a local bus, hire a taxi, rent a bicycle (Cafe du Chemin de Fer), or simply walk to reach the Monet garden. If you want to bike or walk, carry some picnic eatables for fun along the way.

I would suggest to spend much time in the garden watching the contrasts, reflections, and symmetries. Seriously, you will not get such a chance to explore the garden like this – after all, it is a perception of a famous artist that has spread in this region of Giverny so beautifully that the flowers, trees, and bridges still seem to welcome him. If their memories are so fresh, imagine how refreshing will you become after seeing something uniquely breathtaking? Believe me; your vision on gardens will become wider and wider and your mind will become broader and broader to engulf the beauty of nature present even today in Monet Garden. So, why don’t you pack your bags and move to a real paradise on Earth?

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