Memorable Experiences at Malshej Ghat

The Western Ghats are the most fascinating terrain in the state of Maharashtra in India. Amongst the many landscapes and interesting natural features in this part of the world, there is one lovely blessing of Mother Nature where every person in and around Mumbai in Maharashtra surely visits. This is the region of the Malshej Ghat.

Malshej Ghat

Ensconced in the lovely rugged terrain of the Western Ghats, this is a lovely paradise in the beautiful surroundings of the district of Pune. Come here in the months of September and August, and get enchanted by the lovely manner in which the entire area gets a shade of green and is covered with the best ambience of the monsoons. Very famous for its beautiful mist covered mountain, this is a lovely locale to be in just for enjoying the cascades and to feel the beauty of the ambience here. It is as if Mother Nature herself had taken a vow to be at her best here.

With a plethora of flora and fauna, this is a great zone to be in, during this time and an ideal rejuvenation and relaxation spot. With the amalgamation of scenic pleasures and travel experiences no one would ever want to go back after coming here to the land of pleasure, fun and thrill. With the greatest sights of the collection of cuckoos, flamingos, crakes, quails and rails, this is a great place to be in and a lovely place to experience.

How to Reach

Malshej Ghat is located in the district of Pune and is located near the Thane and Ahmednagar border. AT a distance of around 154 km from the south of Mumbai in the northeastern part and around 130 km to the north of Pune. With Kalyan as the nearest railway station, one can go to Malshej Ghat by road. It is very near the city of Mumbai and one takes the NH3 which leads to Bhiwandi. There are state transport buses which go up to Malshej Ghat.


It is a great place for all the hikers and trekkers, and is a great paradise for all and is the ideal place to be in and has the best scene of beautiful rolling hills and provides a great experience. Explore the peaks and the wild jungles here and the most beautiful paths here and enjoy the cover of foggy pleasures in this mystical land of the Indian leader Shivaji who was born here. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the great Maharashtra leader and the greatest Indian hero, has traversed this land as a child and this land today is one of the most preferred destinations for all those who get attracted to the pleasures of monsoon beauties.

Trekking in Malshej Ghat

Bird Graveyard

Yes, come to this lovely paradise and see the dubious distinction this shares to be a bird graveyard. This is the place where the small birds are seen during the time monsoon sets in. Most of the birds are found amongst the cliffs of the Western Ghats and in this strong gusty ambience, the heavy rains and the fog only add on to the bird getting totally disoriented and out of focus here. So come here and see how many birds actually fall prey to the lights of the vehicles passing here and how many get hit by the cliff faces and thus die. But with times, and people getting more aware and protective about nature, this graveyard has a lesser number of bird deaths.

The area is very near a town here and there are not many restaurants and shopping malls here. There is an MTDC resort here which gives a lot of comfort and convenience to all and it is a great place to stay in. This resort has undergone lot of improvement in the past years and is huge and fantastic. Here one gets to see the best views of nature.

MTDC resort Malshej Ghat

With all this in tow, Malshej Ghat is a sure bet for all those who wish to do something different.

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