Memorable Coral Coast Travel Pleasures in Australia

While  on tours to the land of adventure and thrill, Australia and visit the region of Fiji  which would give you the greatest excitement. Visit the Viti Levu Island and make your way to the Queen’s highway. This is the place where you would have the sights of the best sugar cane plantations, and enjoy the lovely forests with the misty ambience. Find  yourself in the best place here, the Coral Coast. This is a great place to be in and the Natadola Bay is a lovely place to come here. This is a perfect travel hub with the ideal ambience.

Enjoy the sights of the beautiful white beaches here which look really beautiful with their waves lapping up the banks. With the tall palm trees bordering the entire land, this is one spot which is sure to kindle your travel juices. The shallow lagoons here and the swimming regions are a great attraction. The beautifully clear waters of the Coral Coast is another lovely land filled with the best sights of the tropical gardens. Enjoy also the horseback riding here and experience the sporty pleasures of golf, or other such sports.

Visit the Sigatoka dunes are surely the best romantic spot in this part of the world so enjoy the magnificent sights here and bask in the pleasures of the most beautiful surroundings. Delve into the natural beauty here and enjoy the excitement here and get swathed by the simple glory of this place. Also go to the Tavuni Hill fort which is a great place to be in and the sheer sights of the high rock walls and the moats are simply mesmerizing. This is the place where cannibals were sacrificed.

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This region of Coral Coast has a very violent past and had all the fascination of a lost land and today this peaceful region is a total antithesis to what it was earlier. Enjoy the diving ere and also the thrills of scuba diving alongwith the sights of the most exciting locales. There are so many opportunities that one has of enjoying the simple sporting pleasures here that tourists simply love to enjoy the tours to this part of the world.

Coral Coast has the best kind of traditional food which is cooked in an underground oven. An ideal place for all island history lover the simple pleasures of the Vuda Historical Site is a great fascination for all. Enjoy the lovely conch shells that make a perfect travel kitty for you and experience the feeling of being in a land of absolutely fantastic delights.

Coral coast travel attractions

The Natadola Bay is another lovely land to be in and all those enthusiasts coming here learn about the adventures of the past here. Come here and bask in the luscious green surroundings and relax in the idyllic ambience here. With the best sights of the most beautiful lagoons, coral reefs, islands and beaches this is one place where you would surely be ready to put up your legs and just have fun.

Enjoy the beautiful sights at Fiji and thus experience a feeling of being in an exotic land filled with the ideal sights of a beautiful land of the past. Around 90 km from the Nadi region this is one of the most attractive places in tours to Fiji. This is incidentally one of the largest coral reefs across the world. With the surroundings of beautiful mangroves and the sight of the most verdant vegetation, this is a place which renders tours here filled with an enchanting experience which lingers on for a long time. The steep hills here alongwith majestic mountains render the place a great scenic locale and provide you with a travel experience par excellence. See the Garden of Eden and enjoy the tranquility here. There is something about the bays here which are totally influenced with the Indian culture. Sigatoka for example has a lot of Indian effect. With Indian temples found in plenty here, the shops and restaurants hirer are also based on Indian lines. There is a mosque at Sigatoka  thus making it a great mix of all cultures.

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Explore the entire Coral coast area and ensure you do a lot of shopping. The local marketplace is a place where you have a lot of trading, bartering and also can see the farmers very busy with their work. Women sell handicrafts, souvenirs and other wares here. Thus the Coral Coast is surely a place not to miss in travels to Australia

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