Memorabilia Excursion In Enchanting Land Of Burundi

The enchanting land of Burundi has been wrecked by a generation of ethnic conflict; however with the arrival of peace, this country is able to stand up firmly and close the doors of the disturbing past. Affording beautiful mountain ranges and serene lakeside locales, this small nation is huddled between the gigantic African- Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Tanzania. The spectacular sights and balmy weather are nonetheless charming and resemble as they are welcoming with beautiful smile on the face, all this comprehensive traits are sure shot to receive huge flocks of tourists from allover the world, after the world clears the daunting notions with the fact that war situations have been ended.

Bujumbura, the arid capital city offers for pleasant ambiance with its pretty location besides the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Away from the city, are some of the loveliest paradises of charming inland beaches in the continent. Seek the views of the ancient local Africans about Burundi prior to the war, and you will hit upon a location where the people go teary and come back to the precedence to the indolent life of daydreamers. Unfortunately, the indigenous people have not experienced the day dreaming life for more than a decade of violence.

burundi national museum

During the fierce war periods, its upcountry spots became out-of-bounds for years, however the scenic landscapes and pleasance of the Burundians more than compensates. Tour in the wonderful attractions of the southernmost source of Nile, the longest river in the world, the early verdant forests of Parc National de la Kibira or the antique spot where Stanley grabbed recognition for speaking the eternal words “Dr Livingstone I presume?” Inter-tribal communal tensions have dilapidated the country since winning independence in 1962, and there are likeable chances that things could take of a U-turn again. Before you embark on your fun trip in Burundi, make sure that you are prepared thoroughly.

Tourist attractions:



Bujumbura, the heart of nation is a stunning destination located on the chores of Lake Tanganyika. Most of its suburbs extend up to the imposing mountain ranges which encircle the city to the north and east. This location is a blend of history, culture and magnificence with its impressive colonial town planning, lovely avenues and striking public buildings. Also the local elements like dust and clustered streets perfectly reflect the capitals in much of Africa. Also, it gains prominence as a significant port on Lake Tanganyika.

This lovely and laid-back city is reputed to proffer relaxation, fine dining and drinking and lively dancing scene which are sure to woo tourists. However, remember the basic fact that it is not safe in the city by night, so catch taxis after it is dark. Security has been upgraded with the incursion of UN peace-preservers, but robberies are common.

Livingstone et Stanley

La Pierre de Livingstone et Stanley:

One of the most popular historical tourist attractions in Burundi, La Pierre de Livingstone et Stanley is located 12kms to the south of Bujumbura. It is an extravagant spot with a large rock and the reason behind marking the spot hails to a famous verbal enchantment. This is that rock where the timeless words “Dr. Livingstone I presume” were uttered between Livingstone and Stanley on 25th November 1871.

La Pierre de Livingstone et Stanley is not cluttered like other tourist attractions of Burundi, yet is a distinct and one of its own kind place which leaves its impression on tourists minds. It is a perfect spot to re-enact the verbal clash, and believe me it will take you to a visit down the memory lanes.

Saga Beach:

Saga beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Burundi which entices loads of tourists. It is a fabulous beach which has a stunning appearance that runs up to the coast of Lake Tanganyika. Its powdery white sand with rolling waves is a spectacular and worthwhile view to behold to. At the inception, the beach was named Plage des Cocotiers (Coconut Beach), however later it came to be known as Saga Beach.

Saga Beach

Placed to the northwest of Burundi’s capital city at a distance of 5kms, the beach bagged the named Saga Beach in order to venerate the Saga Beach Resort, which is reputed to be the largest restaurant and bar of the area. This enchanting beach has an appealing trait as it shelters line up of restaurants, mesmerizing views, fantastic beach front bars. All these comprehensive appeals trigger frequent visits of tourists. And its affordable quality for people from every walk of life works out its magic. The resorts are huddled with tourists most of the times and during weekends the resorts are packed.

Amidst all the tourist spots, Saga beach is the most popular attraction of Burundi and the neighboring resort adds cherry to the cake. Tourist can calm themselves by taking a break from the rat race of life and soothe their depressed senses in this balmy and pleasant Saga beach.

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