Maximum Know How on a Mini Trip

There are days when you want to go for a break but would want to make it sound less elaborate. So instead of a flight you might want to take a drive down. Instead of a hired car you might want to trek it up. Have you ever wanted to do something complete yet in a mild way? That is what a mini destination is all about.

Whenever you set out on a place, it is not required that you should have a complete planned schedule for it. There are days when you just decided on the spur of the moment that you would want to go somewhere where you feel you could unwind, relax and then get back to routine.

World over there are many places where there are spots for a sudden retreat. In India, such spots are endless. They are found like the drop of a hat, but many a time in spite of having a thorough knowledge we miss out on certain smaller pleasures. So there are ways of knowing and that is by narrowing down the options to basic five mini destinations.

India with its vast expanse of topography and extensive variation in climate and vegetation is the place which an explorer would never cease to have interest in. Thus to decide a mini destination here is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet there are some broad characteristics of the place that could help us to pinpoint a destination there.

For example, if we are in the Northern Part of India, then we are sure about two things – Climate and physical features. We know that this part of India is very cold so we would have a hill station for sure and that too with snow covered peaks. Second the physical features means that there would be mountains and hills thus providing us with maybe trekking facilities and river water rafting. So a possible pin point in North India could be Kulu Manali. A quick destination to go to without hesitation as we know we will get the best there. A weekend package , a booking done and we could just drive down in case we live anywhere near that place. Destination One.

Again if we are in the Eastern Part of India, then we are sure about two things. One that it lies near the coast and the other that it has the lovely lands of Nepal, in the boundaries. Thus we could always go and visit the country nearby and if that is not possible then the nearby areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland which give us the opportunity to know about the tribes there. This could be a quick getaway destination for people living near that place. Again there are beaches in Orissa and the Sun Temple there which could provide the best opportunity to combine travel with a religious touch. This is also a quick mini destination.

Coming to the western part of India, the land of Shivaji Maharaj and the land of historical stories. Here is where the terrain is undulating and mountainous. The first thought that comes to our mind with this description is forts and monuments. Then of course because of the mountainous ranges there could be hill stations on the top. So we get places like Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgarh fort, and many such places where we could go for a quick mini destination. We could drive down, go by train and even participate in the trekking and adventurous activities there. This could be a real perfect mini travel spot for people living nearby. Add a dash of Khandala and Lonavala with a small visit to Pune and our mini travel is fulfilled. There are many more such spots to locate and we can make it worthwhile.

Southern India – The land of temples, the land of Kanyakumari. If going to Kanyakumari is tedious then just take your car and drive down to Mahabalipuram. This is the place where the entire temple has been carved out of a single rock. Visit the place feel the difference and if you have the time to hop into a bus just go ahead and enjoy the grandeur at Madurai and the pious feeling at Kancheepuram. Your weekend would be complete with a small tour of Pondicherry. The great roads and the Portuguese touch here still remains.

Thus it is seen that there are so many such spots to visit in India that the list is endless. Be it Goa, or Mt. Abu, Shimla, or Vaishno Devi, Sunderbans or Shantiniketan, Rann of Kutch or Kanyakumari , to get a mini destination is no big problem. It is only the concept of understanding where to go and how to arrange that matters. We shall discuss that in the next article where we could find knowhow of how to pinpoint the place to visit.

So till then, choose, pick, enjoy and go for it.

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