Going My Way at Mahe in Seychelles

Envisaging an array of palm tree lining the shore with turquoise blue waters splashing the sandy golden beaches, a hibiscus tucked in the tresses and there you are all set to experience the Seychelles experience. In a nutshell, well quite a yes; but if that’s where the story ends then definitely not. Reviving back the lost islands in the depths of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles makes for an exotic and very vibrant vacation boasting a stunning cluster of islands that will have anyone up, close and personal for a wonderful rendezvous with the delight of nature. Much regarded as a heaven on earth, the beaches found here are spectacular that excites the visitor even in simple bask-under-the-sun sessions, leisurely gazing at the horizons and soaking in all the goodness of scenic splendors.

Mahe Seychelles beach

The Seychelles Islands, in all boasting a hundred and fifteen exotic cluster of islands that constitute the entire archipelago are scattered in the Indian Ocean, about a thousand miles east from African territories. These islands are surrounded by pristine waters which are also thriving habitat for many great aquatic species. The beauty of the place is so magnificent that one may not really believe that there can be a place as beautiful as this, marked with ‘pinch-me’ sessions.

Out of all the islands in the Seychelles archipelago, the island of Mahe is one of the main islands, imbued in picture-perfect beauty true to the island. The very first thing, I bet anyone would want to do, is run away to the immaculate beach and take a quick dip in the crystal clear sea. Being the cultural hub of all Seychelles Islands and also is an easy access point for a lot of travelers coming in to relish the bounty of this paradise of a destination. The island is a gateway into the other awe inspiring islands of Seychelles and also it is here where foreign tourists land. The International Airport of the country is located in the city of Mahe which provides easy access for the travelers coming in.

Mahe island

Apart from the scenic splendors of the Seychelles Islands, the visitors can also find a streak of culture in Mahe going about that will add further vibrant shades to ones vacation. The best way to explore the island is by renting a car. There are many rent-a-car agents that can be found and contacted easily. Also, the second best resort to explore the vicinity is best on foot. Nothing quite compares to meandering in the town and relishing the picturesque exquisiteness of the place. Furthermore, what sets Mahe unique is the tallest mountain peak that is in the region. The mountain provides excellent panoramic views of the Seychelles islands and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. One can either take a flight to reach other islands or cruise in a boat to get to the neighboring islands of La Digue and Praslin. They are known to be other great destinations when it comes to holidaying in the Seychelles.

The north eastern part of Mahe is where lies the capital city of Victoria, abuzz with power-packed activities. The best deal is to go about swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing in the pristine turquoise blue waters. The sun-sand-surf activity is at its best in Seychelles. Those who prefer the sounds and smells of the woods can go hiking in the lush green rainforests. With the sweet sounds of some of the rare species of birds, the rustling of trees, and the sounds of the waves hitting the shores – all make for once in a lifetime experience. Mahe inhabits a population of about seventy-two thousand, and also constitute a large part of the population of all Seychelles.

Mahe island surfing

The most definite places to look for while on the Mahe Islands is the Mahe’s Morne Seychellois National Park, a perfect place for the nature enthusiasts who can up for some hiking in the park. One can also choose to explore the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clark Market in Victoria to soak in the local flavor of the islands, unlike the laid back carefree times on the beach; one can spectacle the culture of the Mahe Islands at this very market.

There are many leading hotels and resorts which heighten your pleasure times. Much looked upon as a honeymoon destination, Seychelles is gradually overcoming the misplaced tags by those who want to wander at ny costs. Seychelles is also a very inviting family vacation spot as more and more resorts are becoming conscious of the needs of families coming over. Resorts feature special kiddy rooms where the staff engages the kids in a variety of interesting indoor activities and arranges events and competitions that will leave booth kids and their families happy and satisfied. While kids are engaged in the many activities, parents can have their own sweet time. Also, apart from indoor activities, the resort arranges for outdoor activities for kids like a ride in the glass bottom boats, snorkeling and swimming sessions etc. This is what makes Seychelles so delightful and enjoyable as it emerges as a top vacation experience for one and all in the family. A vacation in the Seychelles is definitely going to be like a dream come true, a dream so beautiful that you may not even have dreamt of.Going My Way at Mahe in Seycehlles.

Mahe island hotels

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