Live the Indian Raj – Delhi

If at all you ever read the Indian history you would notice that there is one city which has witnessed it all, and seen it all. This city has been a testimony to the history of India and has been the seat of Mughal culture for many years. This is the place where people normally come to experience the capital of India and the hub of tourism and culture. Agra, the city of love, is near Delhi and there is not one tourist who would go back from India without having visited Delhi.


So while we are in Delhi, wouldn’t you want to know what the places that you could see are and what are the tourist attractions in this part of the world?

Go first to the Red Fort which is the seventh Muslim city on this land of Delhi. This monument is at the eastern side of Shahjahanabad. The name Red Stone comes from the red sandstone that this structure is made of. It has around 8 sides. The 1.5mlong wall has a varied height of 60ft on one side and 110 feet on the other. It is around 60 ft on the river side and around 110 feet on the city side.

Red Fort

The oldest shopping area in Delhi is Chandni Chowk. This is a place which shouldn’t be missed at all and Delhi is a place where a shopaholic could go berserk seeing the variety of things he/she can buy. This is the place where you would find the best kind of wares, and stuff to take back as your travel kitty. This is located opposite the huge majestic Red Fort. The place has innumerable lanes that wind up and down and go zig zag.

Then you have the Humayun’s tomb which is a monument that is well protected. The Archaeological Survey of India owns it today and this extremely exquisitely done Mughal architectural form with its huge arches and the double dome, is a great example of structural beauty and architectural elegance.

Humayun's tomb

Visit the shrine of Nizamuddin Chisti and see the grandeur here. Nizamuddin Chisti, the saint, passed away in the year 1325. He was 92. The shrine is opposite the Humayun’s tomb across the road.

The Purana Qila or the Old fort is found amidst a lot of green vegetation and forts. This was actually the Indraprastha city earlier of the Indian epic Mahabharata. There were many monuments that were built here during the time of the erstwhile ruler Sher Shah Suri. This historical place is worth a visit and you can actually feel the Indian history simmering here.

Purana Qila

Then of course you have the Jama Masjid which is a great monument of elegance. This fine architectural masterpiece was built by Shah Jahan . It is in present day Old Delhi and the Mughals held it with great pride. It is said that around 5000 artisans were employed to build this structure.

Don’t forget to go to the Raj Ghat which is where Mahatma Gandhi was buried. This is very near the River Yamuna which flows near this place.

Raj Ghat

Then the Jantar Mantar house and the Teen Murti house are other attractions completing your visit to Delhi in good spirits.

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