Funny Limerick of Ireland

There was an Old Man with a beard,

Who said, ‘It is just as I feared!

Two Owls and a Hen,

Four Larks and a Wren,

Have all built their nests in my beard!

Yes that’s one limerick. Limericks are funny stuff. But wonder, what is a limerick doing on a travel blog? So, the next one is going to be more like it, and will give a hint of what I am trying to tell.

Would you believe if I were to say,

there’s a Limerick in Ireland by the bay,

picturesque and extremely charming it is,

the splendors of which is hard to miss,

I wonder at this, What else is left to say?

This city of Limerick also spans the time of the Vikings. As the shimmering River Shannon flows past by the Ireland’s fourth biggest city, a lot of visitors tread by the city when on their way from Galway to Dublin. Limerick is most revered for boasting one of the most beautiful villages nestled in the Adare Island. Typical in its look with roofs thatched, visitors find themselves winding back in time. The visitors especially find pleasure in a friendly atmosphere created by the locals and the availability of an array of options when it comes to entertainment in the form of many eateries and pubs.

Limerick city

While you are over to Limerick, don’t forget to visit the castle of King John. This castle finds it roots dating as long ago as around the twentieth century. The visitors today can spectacle the towers and walls and also welcome the visitors who have some appetite to learn about the history of the fortress.

Castle of King John

Also, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is an important site to visit, when the Normans reconstructed the city and which led to the construction of this structure. A lot of other historically charged monuments can be seen over here. In the recent past, many new hotels have mushroomed in Limerick which is no less than a haven for the tourists, travelers and alike coming over. The countryside beauty is one of the key attractions of Limerick Ireland.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

The County Limerick is especially abuzz with lush gold courses, old style thatched roof buildings, pleasant restaurants and also a famous and leading five star staying property. The luxury castle of Adare Manor is a plush hotel that has its own golf course, which attracts a lot of expert golfers. Food Lovers can head towards the Oakroom Restaurant and also the Wild Geese at Adare Manor.

Visitors can also choose to visit the Hunt Museum, Foynes Flying Boat Museum or cruise in the boasts in the River Shannon.

Hunt Museum

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  1. Rudy Frost says:

    Limerick is a fun and adventure filled location in the entire Irish nation…

    I took a guided walking tour to the most popular tourists attractions and it was the best thing I’ve ever done..
    There are an endless list of museums The Hunt museum, Limerick museum..
    Be it the grand shopping centers or the flea market of the Market Quarter, there are world-class brands here..
    Limerick has a prominent nightlife, with bars and pubs scattered all over the city..
    Weekends are especially meant to be with the family, outings include going for movies , dinner…

    Two nice department stores on the O Connell street-Brown thomas and Debben Hams..

    Ireland is a beautiful country and I feel I can settle down here..

  2. Jill Smithson says:

    Irish folk men are so warm and humble..I was delightfully taken aback by the rich Irish music and food in the city of Limerick..It is indeed the best portray of I rish culture and traditions..

    I have extensively travelled Ireland and feel that Limerick is the best city to be in…
    The Smith’s band on Saturday night live in Bars was great!

  3. Jolie Dutch says:

    Limerick is an awesome town..
    Great nightlife with original Irish food and music..
    Lots of historic stuff..
    Moll Darby an excellent restaurant on the same side of the river as Hotel Absolute..

    Texas Steakout is a very good restaurant here, though less fancy, the prices are lower.. Its on O Connell Street..
    Lovely spirited place..Nice people..nice culture..

  4. Sam D'Costa says:

    Great post! Nice photos! thanks! Keep posting! :-)

  5. Suzzie Ryerson says:

    Ireland is a great place..! Its been blessed with rich folk music traditions and culture..The food is awesome..Lots of historic stuff you’ll find here!The nightlife rocks here!

  6. Cruella Saw says:

    Holy Good post! Thanks for the pictures and information about Ireland And its People and places!
    I recommend your blog to all my friends :-)

  7. Very Nice Place for travel….I will plan to go there.

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