Laurel Pastoral Lands Oaef Harley Farms In Pescadero

Envisage a trip in laurel greenery where you get an idyllic stay in the verdure of scenic nature. Just imagine, you get to step inside a rustic Harley farm during the spring and also a chance to hold the immature baby goats. What a different moment it will be for you? You will be away from the regular tensions of life far beyond the hustle and bustle of routine life.

And not only is this, adding spice to the delicacy is that you get to head in the milking areas, inside the culinary where the milk is pasteurized in huge steel containers and the formed curds are left to get dried. The same old cheese that you were eating in habitual shape, here appears to be varied and now you are offered cheese lavishly in diverse shapes like lip-smacking round, heaps and which is festooned with home-produced and fit for human consumption flower petals. The visit would be a scrumptious as well as an extraordinary excursion that too without causing a burn to your pockets. The tour inside is very economical with a charge of $20 for adults, children who are of 10 years and below are charged $10 and children under the age of 5 years are allowed for a free visit.

Gazing Harley Farm face-to-face is an unusual and exceptional experience, observing the lush greenness sprawling in it and all around its vicinity. Vow… this expression of joy would be less to describe its beauty; Harley Farm a nine acre stretching land is located at the edge of countryside in the terrain of Pescadero. In the past nine years, it was nothing with numerous goats numbering just 16, but today it had a swift progress with goat populace of 200.

Harley and its small staff is being credited for alone producing finesse quality homespun cheese and navigating it around the whole country to retail shops on a daily basis, swiftness and dedication is totally conspicuous in their work. Another striking characteristic which basks in their glory is the much needed concept of Eco-Tourism. So, if you want to trip during your vacations, make an ideal stay at the Harley Farms as you will churn maximum eye-candies at the same time without triggering any harm to the natural wonder.

farm view main

Harley Farm offers for three tours per week to those only who book there trips in advancement. Head in the greenery of marvelous nature and extract more and more excitement out of it. The goats graze the verdant pastoral lands especially planted for that purpose. The cheese you are served is finely adorned with home-grown edible flowers that allures your eyes and tongue alike. So, move in the amazing marvel of Harley farms and bite the freshest of cheese, also try to learn the tactics for making delicious cheese.

harley farm

Also, they host Eco-fest to promote and exhibit wide array of the Coast side’s picturesque and agricultural possessions targeted to entice adventurous tourists. Apart from these other attractions comprise of tour to the Pescadero Marsh. Again, a location which affords spectacular display of distinct species of birds as it is a shelter for more than 100 variant species. And those who are fond of food and wine, should definitely make a visit to the Thomas Fogarty Winery which offers for wine and cheese-tasting. Get there are relish the scenic natural beauty with variant shapes of cheese.

harley farm in pescadero

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